ONE PIECE video av request

**Could someone take this vid [media=youtube]m-BsziTgO2I the clip from either 4:01 - 4:02 or 4:13 - 4:14 when luffy is stuffing his face and put it together with this pic of luffy [URL=“”]

[/media] like my flash av I currently have as my profile pic.**

Hey, where can I find a bigger pic of this?

:wonder: You should probably ask Worthless since he made those avatars. :xeye: Unless #6 ripped off his style again and made you it.

:xeye: Whoops, I’m dumb. It was Celcius. Good ol’ GuMz beats me again… dood.[/COLOR]

^ it was celcius i think that made them not worthless he did the blury avs of sprites member?

Where is celcius? :xeye:

Where art thou IMM brethren!?

:xeye: SNAP!!! Your right. My bad… dood!

heh ur av now scares me dood but didnt u use the same idea for an av for your master or whatever?

:wonder: Kind of. xYourMasterx’s was based off of this effect on Sasuke’s face at 4:20. The one for my Ayumi avatar is based off of Mukai from King of Fighters:

Similar but different I guess… dood!

basically this would be mukai

sorry for editing ur gif but i wanted to see it fast lol

Looks dope too!


Thats right it was celcius who made my flash one, I couldn’t remember, well I left him a message but if anyone else can get to it that be great. You know just in case he can’t.

**@ O.C.K. - I don’t know man, wish I did. **

:wonder: Yeah I did that too lol. I thought about keeping it at that speed but I liked the slower version better… dood!

Looks great either way

I’m still around, I’ve just been busy lately. :confused: lol
Maybe when I get some more spare time I’ll try to get back in action. :tup:

K, sounds great!| Just don’t forget! lol

Celcius - If you don’t mind, I’ve created the avatar already. I just thought I should help you out since your busy and Christ0pher since he gave me prem.

Thank you so much!!:amazed:

Your the best Vegetto!!!

Don’t think I’m ungrateful but do you think that you could get rid of all the blue “sky” on the mini luffy pic? If its not too much trouble.

Thanks thanks thanks again!