One Provider to Rule Them All


So it looks like Comcast is buying out Time Warner Cable, meaning the two largest cable and internet providers will now be consolidated. Now I’m not sure what your experience with providers are, but from my experience Comcast is the absolute last company you want to deal with. There are already a lot of places in the country that have no other choice but Comcast, and because of the monopoly their service is absolute crap.

Worse yet, the buy out is already government approved. Is it just me or are lobbyist really starting to shit all over the anti-trust laws that are supposed to protect the public from monopolies?



They both suck. Get Verizon FIOS instead.


I pay about 60 or more dollars a month for this bs

I wish we could get google fiber.


My super fast speed:


I pay 40 a month for

dat ping


I’m probably going to just opt out of The Internet altogether.

Not supporting this shit. I’m going to help build something better instead. :tup:


How about Verizon works on their market penetration instead of selling off the vast majority of their market to Frontier (Which is actually higher than Comcast on my “Companies not to deal with” list).


FiOS isn’t even being put into new buildings anymore. I can’t think of many places in New York that has the option that aren’t near businesses.

Anyway, I doubt this will happen. The two largest providers becoming one company is anti-competitive as fuck. The courts will more than likely shut it down.


Here’s the myth about Korean speeds busted:


What’s your monthly cap?

edit: nvm, cogeco not available in my area. Stuck between getting dicked, cocked, or donged.


Here’s why it’s almost guaranteed this deal will be stopped.


I hope this deal is stopped, if Comcast had a automated teller that told me “Go Fuck yourself” every time I called, it would be the best customer service I’ve ever gotten from that company. And from what I hear, Time Warner isn’t much better.


I have suddenlink, which gives me a 40ish meg download and a 3-10 mg upload depending on the time of day. It’s okay, but the customer service has been really top notch. I have had maybe 1 evening of downtime in the entire 3 years I have been with the company.

on topic: I really hate that American ISPs feel like making huge conglomerates instead of just competing for better service. It is really sad if you have ever done any traveling how much better the rest of the world is because companies in other parts of the world have to compete to survive. Here they just merger and make a terrible business model from 1995 and shove it down everyone’s throat.


Ideally it won’t happen, buuuut this is murrica, home of the rich getting richer and land of the continually screwed over people (if you believe the rabble :coffee:)

All this is a testing of waters to see if the federal agencies will fold or not. The fact that it’s two cable companies is rather trivial, but it will set precedent for other, more important, sectors. I’m looking at you healthcare, insurance, banks, food conglomerates.


My amazing internet

Yea, Courts better put a stop to this deal


You live in Houston? Whaaaaaaaaaat?


Start petitioning for Google Fiber in your city.


Whos is your provider? And yeah, Cogeco is a local cable company. Monthly cap is 250 gb.

I was with Bell before this, and I think my speeds were pretty close, the only issue was my cap wasn’t too good. Same price though.

fun fact: There is a limit to FiOS’ unlimited internet:

edit: Fuck the courts putting a stop to this deal. I don’t know why government hasn’t set up limits on fee’s. If they can limit the amount of interest a bank is allowed to charge, they should be allowed to limit the price of dataplans. How the fuck does Russia have better internet than North America?


Fuck comcast, i need that Google Fiber!


So you guys are the reason our matches lag. :bluu: