One question about the speed of Soul Calibure 4


Last weekend I played SC4 for the first time and was shocked, because to me it seemed soooooo slow…wahhh horrible If you ask me but everone should play what he likes the most.

After I played some rounds I said that I don’t like that it’s so slow (I play with maxi) and that Soul Edge (In Europe and the US “Soul Blade”) is much faster than SC4. But then somesone told me: "No your wrong. It’s FASTER than Soul Blade and I couldn’t and still can’t belive this.

But the problem is, that it’s just a feeling of me which I can’t prove because I didn’t find any frame data for example.

So my question is: Is SC4 faster than Sould Blade?

I would defintly say NO because if you press the AAA combo with Maxi it’s soooo slow and with Li Long it was like: PAMM! PAMM! PAMM! (You no what I mean :bgrin: )


i would say that it just feels slower. as you play it more, it begins to feel the same as sc3 and sc2 did. prob just feels slower at first because of how updated the graphics are.

All SC-games feeled slower than soulblade. SC4 was extrem IMO. Comparing SC4 with other SC games doesn’t help me much.

mfg Hannes4D