One question before I decide to buy

Hi guys,

I’m a PC user and although I really enjoyed SFIV (vanilla) I was a bit disappointed that no patches were ever released to fix up a few ingame glitches (eg: many players had problems with random frame-rate drops) and more importantly balance issues were never addressed.

Example: Sagat was God-tier (back in the day) and my favorite character (Vega-Claw) was bottom tier on every SFIV tier list, he sucked so much that VERY few players used him… and those who did had a major disadvantage over equally skilled players who would pick top tier fighters, particularly Sagat (many players calling for him to be tourny-banned).

So I just want to ask: **Will Capcom make an effort to address any balance issues/fix glitches in Street Fighter x Tekken? **

Note: I come from the land of strategy games where developers (eg: Blizzard - SC2) release patches regularly to fix balance issues/any glitches. So, forgive me if I have false expectations.

If there’s something that’s outright broken, they’ll patch it. If not, we might get a few balance updates whenever they release new content. But do not expect regular updates. They just don’t work with fighting games, since one minor change can change so much.

Good point Doopliss