One random fact about yourself pertaining to Fighting games

Of course every player has their little idiosyncrasies about them as a player of the genre and not everyone plays the same or views games in the same way. What’s something interesting about you. Think the Super smash is more fun than Street fighter? Do you believe pad > arcade stick? Do you suck at fighting turtlers? Can you rock competitions playing cross handed? Once lost to a guy with no thumbs? Anything you think is interesting

As for me, I can’t stand balltop sticks :bluu: just never felt like it fit properly in my hand and took more effort to do simple movements. I know not everyone will agree wtih me there.

I eat crossups for free.

I lose when my lifebar is depleted.

Tho i will say that i lost in MvC2 to a guy that had no hands…

I like throwing people.

I am one random ass dude in terms of character selection.

i use stick for every game and am 100% better on stick in every game except kof, which is p much my fav game, which i play on pad and am 100% better on pad than on stick

Back in 1989 I lost my first game of Street Fighter to my mother.

I didn’t learn how to do a yoga fire until 1995. Keep in mind at this point I had been playing Street Fighter 2 since 1991.

I can do a standing 720 on pad put have problems doing it on stick.

I always choose the exact wrong time to try and stick a poke out. Footsies just isn’t my bag: I’m a psychic DP magnet.

I also tend to forget that there are lp and lk buttons in real matches. It’s a problem.

I press buttons a lot.

I got a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do because of Hwoarang.

I will AA you with shit that doesn’t look like an AA.

I don’t know how to combo…at all. I will just hit you, knock you away, and then rinse repeat. So i play combo-esque games like KOF like i would be playing Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition.

I refuse to play as shotos with the exception of Dan.

I’ve been playing SF games since WW came out and didn’t learn to do combos that involved more than 3 hits until recently

button mashing is my technique

I cannot remember timings for combos. I suck so bad at linking normals with Bison that instead of doing cr.lkx3 into scissors I’ll do just one to be safe.

I tend to think of every game in an oldschool way… it doesn’t work for the most part. I want 100% anti airs and fireball traps back!

I turtle in every game, except with ST/HDR Honda against fireball characters.

I like to find a use for every single normal my character has.

My favorite normals are ST/HDR Honda’s toward+hk, OG Guile Backfist, and SFIV Sagat’s standing hk.

I don’t pick female characters, the only exception is Storm in Marvel.

I can’t play fireball characters worth a damn in any street fighter. I never learned the traps or spacing for them.

I like Remy and think that Guile is gay.