one rounders


Ive been playing vanilla since it came out and there been numerous times ive started playing ranked matches and then realized that the host has the match set to one round. Usually i switch up my tactics in the second round, and i think its a little unfair if theres only one. Since ive just been avioding them or making my own rooms but i was wonderig, is this frowned upon or truly unfair? and does what happened to me happen often?


i think its frowned upon AND truly unfair


I don’t know if I’d call it “unfair,” but the 1 round/30 sec thing is pretty frowned upon by serious players (or at least considered pointless) because it’s more or less just a waste of time. It’s pretty worthless for anything except cheesing some easy BP (which is meaningless to anyone with a brain) with shenanigans that would never work in a full-length match.

Making your own rooms, as you’ve said, is a good way to avoid this problem if you’re not in the habit of checking the settings in every game you join.


Use Custom Match instead of Quick Match. Or host your own.

Or don’t play Ranked.


Winning 1-rounders/30-seconders is a display of true skill. It forces you to rush down and quickly adapt to learn your opponent in a very short time. I would have designed online matches even better and let the player set the handicap. Setting the handicap to zero would greatly improve online matches. Master that and you will be dodging bullets in real life.


I think it’s a waste of my time when you have to connect, find a match, load the game, etc.

I want to play the game, not farm for points. If both players just wanna farm for points, no harm done.


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You’re welcome.


frowned upon. Your mentality changes when you see the one round/30 second time limit(no time to fuck around)! :stuck_out_tongue:


they’re probably enjoying it just as much as you, going for C rank with gen or something. cut em some slack and don’t get gimmicked out


Yes. Cut them some slack for being retarded point grinders who are trying to play online for the sake of a worthless achievement/trophy at the expense of everyone who actually wants to have fun by learning the game.

Bro. BRO. BRAHHHHHHHH. Go bookmark the ragequit thread like a proper online warrior.


unless you really care about losing any amount of bp. losing to that kinda of stuff doesnt mean shit, so why even think about this. also i believe there are settings where you can filter matches that go 2/3 rounds and 99 sec