One Sanwa JLF stiffer than the other

Hi, I’m new here but I’ve been using this forum a lot to view questions and other member’s artwork ect. I just purchased 2 Sanwa JLF joysticks (along with all new Sanwa 30mm buttons) for my SE fight sticks. After installation, one of the joysticks seem to be “stiffer” than the other one. I double checked, and it’s not an issue with the gate (both square), but it just feels like the throw on the stick is slightly heavier than the other. My friend who plays M.Bison (dictator) as his main spotted the difference first when his charge moves wouldn’t be as smooth as the default stick that comes with the MadCatz. It wouldn’t be noticeable to the average person, but for my friends and I who play a lot of SFIV, we can all tell the very small and noticeable difference. Do you think this problem will work itself out with a few good long sessions of play? Do I need to purchase and apply silicone-based lubricant on the heavier stick? Any insight on this would be very helpful.

break it apart and compare the spring to each other [media=youtube]U394JpJ82nU[/media]