One second charge time..?

That new guile combo video today was odd, he was doing about three SB’s in 4 seconds. How is that even possible? And how can I do it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Guile’s sonic boom charge times, if I’m not mistaken, are 50 frames. IE: 5/6ths of a second. He could, be it he was either a robot or using tools to assist him, land 4 sonic booms in just under 4 seconds if he were so inclined.

The technique here is charge buffering, whereby you do something that looks like this:
(In regards to you facing the right)


Ending on holding left instead of right allows you to charge through the sonic boom animation, resulting in a much faster boom firing rate.

On top of charge buffering, you’re looking at an extremely dexterous and trained person like GeoM. Not only is he properly and perfectly charge buffering, he’s delaying several of his hits and even in some cases delaying the cancel (or so it looks like) to allow for enough time to land the next boom.

As shown in the video, things in the corner like J.FP > C.MP xx Sonic Boom > C.MP xx Sonic Boom are doable, but you can’t actually mash it out. Linking the as soon as possible after the boom doesn’t give you enough time to charge–you’re something like +13 on hit with a jab sonic boom at point blank range, takes 4(? or maybe 5) frames to start up and connect, meaning you can delay that link for a breath and then continue the combo.

This is why he frequently, on the larger characters like rufus, used s.lp > xx sonic boom, it gave him extra time per link for the sonic boom charge.