One Spot free for the Tekken I Tribute on Game Art HQ


Hello, after one of the over 35 artists involved got sick, one spot for the upcoming Tekken I Art Tribute is free again, and i thought, why not asking here on SRK for a change, maybe someone of you is interested for this chance to be a part of this art project / tribute.

The spot is for Nina Williams in her P2 costume from Tekken I.

This whole project is the start of a series of art tributes to the Tekken series. Just all 17 Tekken I characters are drawn in their classic looks from 1994, the tribute is mainly organized on Deviantart and gets published on the 14th September on Game-Art-HQ

Here are a few examples of the already drawn works, if you want to participate, either contact me at dA where my nick is GBK666 or just reply here, i wait till the weekend, if nobody from here shows interest i will ask on dA


awww, wonders me that nobody from here took the chance last week, the spot is not avaiable anymore since the weekend now, 2 artists from dA are drawing Nina Williams now.