One stick to rule them all

Hey everyone… I’ve got a TE PS3 stick, but I also have an Xbox and a Mac.

I’ve been looking at the possibility of modding the stick for use on Xbox using a MadCatz 4716 board. I looked at the tutorials and it seems a big hack-ish to have an enture gamepad PCB inside my stick case. Is there a smaller, 3rd party board I can buy instead, like the Cthulhu?

Ideally, i’d like the stick to work on my mac so I can play Mame roms as well, but it’s not essential.



There are drivers available for 360 controllers on OSX. So if you duel modded your stick it should work fine when in 360 mode. Do a bit of a search in google, I cant remember what I used or what it was called but I distinctly remember it being a self installing application that I could access within my control panel to configure (Formatted my HDD since then).

On using a Madcatz board, I’ve seen them fit perfectly fine inside of a TE.

Hmm ok, so there’s no aftermarket Xbox 360 Controller PCB which isn’t so chunky?

Didn’t know xbox controllers worked on computers… wicked!

Madcatz 4716 is the smallest/Easily Accessible 360 PCB on the market that I know of. Due to Microsoft Licensing and what I believe are a few technical issues, nothing similar to the Cthulhu can be produced for 360.

If I can fit a 4716 into a PS3 SE cleanly, doing it to a PS3 TE is a joke. I really need to get off my butt and post that mod up…

I think it’s a pretty heavy technical issue, some kind of chip in 360 controllers that the console checks for making sure only approved products can connect. Something like that.

The smallest 360 pcb is the Madcatz SE or TE pcb. There are no 3rd party Cthulhu like PCBs. Microsoft created a controller security chip to prevent unauthorized 3rd parties from making xbox 360 controllers, and all of the licensed peripheral makers are charged a fee for every controller made.

Microsoft is also very selective of who gets a license. Only a handful of manufacturers, Madcatz, Hori, Joytech are all I can think of. Nobody has broken the security on this chip, and if one where to, MS probably would sue due to DMCA security circumvention laws.

how about the madcatz fightpads? those pcbs looked fairly clean

They are, and you don’t have to do the trigger hacks either. I prefer to work with them

Madcatz pcb FTW!!!
Does knowing that there is a controller pcb in your stick bother you? Do you have a special clear case/cp that will allow you to see it during gameplay? If not, then whats the problem?
But seriously, the madcatz pcb is VERY easy to work with, its so easy, even a caveman can do it :confused: