One thing missing from this game

I wish at the load screen and between rounds tou could choose which character to put on point. I dont know how many times online i realize my point character is weak agianst thiers and wish i could hold a button between rounds to start with my secondary character.

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I agree w/ you. However it has been ages since I touched a Tekken title. Could you swap point in Tekken Tag? If not then the decision probably pays homage to that.

But what if the other person switched as well? Then your counter pick would backfire! Oh snap, pre-game 50/50s.

exactly but that adds to the fun

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ooh, good call and yes you couldn’t.

for curiosity’s sake, as far as older capcom games go…

  • CvS2 gives you the option, but that was a homage to KOF
  • CvS1 gives you the option but you and your opponent can watch each other’s picks, one by one
  • MvC2 does let you switch, but only to three of the five possible alternate orders for your team
  • i believe that MvC1, MSHvSF, and XvSF are all no’s

Place switching is definitely something (other than the sound and 2 players 1 console issue) that Im a bit frustrated with. Playing endless with a few friends and you dont get to switch who is on point without having to disband the team and then join the other person again if youre the person in the ready position. If you dont want to be on point then you have to let the ready tick down so you drop down below your partner. Place switching would save so much more time.

Only if it allows the switch glitch.

In TTT you could switch to the second character by holding the tag button before the match.

On the PS2 at least.

Hmmm has anyone tried holding both medium attacks surning load screen ir rounds?

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Wait, you think there’s only one thing missing from this game?

im trying not to repeat what everyone one else as said to death. Figured i would come here and mention something new that i thouht should be in the game. Serioisly in a tag game you should be able. To chamge ur point character between rounds.

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