One week 'til Evo. WHERE WE PRACTICIN'?


most people be flying in on Thursday so LESS than a week dawgs


[list][*]Heavy D’s[/list]


I have the whole week off, so if you want I can open up the scrumblage monday - weds.


I’m totally down for a Tuesday session at my place if others feel up to it. I have work the next morning so people would have to bugger off around midnight.

Meaning we could get started around 6PM and have a good 6 hours.

HeavyD, remind me to PM you about Wednesday-Thursday.


Monday at Imperators! Aka Pat. some of us are beefin over there.


Yes. Monday at my house. :smile:


Would anyone actually want a session at my place? Tuesday is the only day I could do it.


Unlock Seth, then we’ll talk!


Seth’s unlocked at my place! LOL.


I doubt I can go, It’s trash night and I haven’t cleaned up after the Hotness at my house on Friday. That, and I have to take care of my ferrets. Maybe if someone local is going and I can just drive to their place and they promise not to be later than midnight in driving us back I could go.

No brake lights means I don’t want to go very far.


So what’s going on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?


Anyone on the Eastside want to practice? Tonight I’m booked up and I’ll have some time tomorrow and Wednesday is really good. I just get off work at 5 so gotta add in time for traffic.


Wednesday = HeavyD’s House of Scrumbled Eggs! Get there. Bokkin and I are going to be.


I’ll make it there, because I gotta get my newly memorized combos down during gameplay.


Yeah I’ll be there but I have work so whenever I get off. I gotta help prep the NW with random akuma antics.


What’s goin on tonight?!?!


Apparently nothin’. :open_mouth:


GW? I’m gonna stop by I think.


I would have had a session, but trying to fit a week of weight lifting into two days is tough.


Tryin’ to rock that Seattle Versus Medium shirt hella hardbody, right?