One year free amazon prime account to students

Amazon Student

All you need is a student email account.


Sorry Fallingedge I beat you to the punch. Still awesome deal though!

glad I looked to see if anyone else posted this. I already got mine :tup:

What is Amazon Prime? And should I care?

I ask because I had a chance to sign up for free earlier today and passed on it.


30 seconds of clicking could have found you that answer Az. Free two days shipping on all of Amazon sold items. 4 dollar next day shipping. No minimum purchase required. And a perk for gaming sometimes is free release date shipping. Normally 80 a year for Prime. So giving a year of Prime to students for free. Holy shit that’ll move some stock on Amazon’s website.

Even if you are not a student up to four other people can be under a single master prime account.

awesome. good looking out.