One Year Later

Today is the 1 year anniversary of SFIV on the consoles in the USA. I didnt get the game until 2-18-09 thanks to my local Gamestop having a shipping issue on 2-16-09, I cannot describe how I pissed I was, and I hope this does not happen for SSFIV…

Anyways, lets just post our thoughts, sweetest and sourest memories of SFIV, not to mention all those little things as SFIV is set to retire as SSFIV only two months away.

For me, I marveled at how good the game looked on my big screen. I was shocked at the amount of stuff for me to do such as challenges and combos. I remember the agony of beating hardest Seth and the great joy of beating it. I remember my friend punching himself in the face because he could not be Sagat on easy difficulty, yes, he sucks at fighting games.

You guys?

picked gief from day 1 and didnt let go. best decision of my life

I picked ken, worst decision. . .

I now use Fei, ryu and Blanka. It’s a good team I think. . .

It’s been a great year. Won’t be quitting any time soon. . .

I picked Dhalsim as my main initially, but ultimately chose Ryu in an effort to learn the fundamentals. Props to Dhalsim users, but he was a tough character to get into fighting games with. Now that I’ve got the hang of a few things it’s probably going to be Makoto for the next game provided she is as solid as she was in 3s.

I bought the game the first week, sold it the second because I hated the 3D style, bought it back one month later after weeks of intensive (commented) matches watching on Youtube.

I picked Ryu the first weeks to get re-used to the commands, then Fei Long 'cause I was tired of mirror matches online and thought he was nice. Had a 25% win ratio at the time, bought a shitty stick then picked up Dictator because I needed a charge character and he was the one who fitted my style, trained for months in MM and training mode.

Hit G1 today, I’ll probably avoid championship mode from now on and train for SS4 in MM.

Same situation with EBGames (Gamestop). They didn’t have the collectors edition on day one, so I waited. I go in the next day, and it’s still not there. They say it will be in tomorrow. I go in again, and it turns out it still hasn’t arrived. At this point I was so itching to play SF4 that I was willing to buy the standard edition, but Future Shop had the CE in stock and the day was saved!
Now, if I had known then that the bonus stuff was useless and the movie was boring, I would have had the game a bit earlier.

I too hope that there are no issues with getting Super on day one, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it :razzy:.

1 year later the game is still shit.

Been playing Ryu for since SF2 and I’ve always enjoyed fighters but is the first time I’ve actively tried to gain a deeper understanding of fighters in general. Mainly because I was a baby when I played other fighters and wasn’t aware of the scene or teh internetz. I got SF4 on day one and was pretty pretty clued up about it because of the youtube vids and this site, so I got the jump on most people I knew.

Best SF4 moments

Perfrming FADC ultra for the first time. Felt so pro lol.
Beating Elf’s, Viper’s, and Gen’s hard trials.
Overall progression from when I first started.

Worst moments

Fighting Seth for the first time.
Losing to people I shouldn’t be losing to…

Before the game released, I decided that i was going to main Ken. I ran through Ken’s Hard trials and went online where I was ashamed to see SRK mashing scrubs. Within two weeks, I stopped playing Ken and switched to Sakura; mostly because I was tired of mirror matches. When the newer players flocked to Ryu and Sagat I felt a bit… relived. I returned to maining Ken and 2nd Sakura.

One of my best moments was learning how to FADC Ultra and learning Sakura’s resets. The worst… losing to mashers and run away Spamkumas

@ rick derris

I was a late comer to SF4.

I picked Ken too because his shoryuken and shinryuken looked wicked cool. Plus I wasn’t really into SF2 when I was little because I didn’t have a manual so i didn’t know any moves. But when I decided to try it i wanted to use someone who was a “overall well rounded character at all aspects”, so it was between ryu and ken. I picked ken because I did not want to pick what I thought was the “main character” which would be ryu.

Months before I got SFIV let alone getting that wicked ps3 deal last boxing day, I learned about “Ken Scrubs”, and was disappointed to know that i was planning on using a character labelled as a scrub. I said, fuck it i’ll play better than scrubs! when I goti it i felt like I was doing great, weeks after I finally got SFIV. I realized my game was lame as I still could not applying FADCs into my gameplay, I never ended hit-confirms with a SRK, my only hit confirm or block string was always a cr jab, and that I cannot pull a true block string when I wanted to end the jab string into cr mk to hadoken. when I use cr mk to poke I linked it to a RH tatsu instead of hadoken which meant I whiffed the tatsu very often.

The good thing is that I can read scrubs online, but I cannot react in time. Why it took me 7 matches to win 1 match against a ryu scrub. But that made me realized that this makes me a ken scrub at all so I couldn’t send any sort of hate mail or else i’d be the only scrub in this case, so I told that guy he needed to train ryu more, as he switched to sagat after losing with ryu.


I now am learning Fei and Fuerte. Sadly I still cannot jab into rekka or even do CWs consistently.

One year later i’m still yelling 1500GP INSTALL TO THE GODDAMNED HARDDRIVE FUCKING SCRUB at the TV.

one year later my fight pad is broken which means I’m temporarily unable to play which sucks.

the game is still great though, I started with ryu and now I main sim who took me a long time to learn but was well worth the effort.

When ssf4 comes out I’ll prob start with sim and ryu and go from there, if adon is good I’ll play him since he was always one of my favs from alpha 2

Sweetest moment: Starting SF4.

Sourest: Fighting 90% Ryu/Ken

One year after release, I still love the things i fell in love with one year ago. Viper, combo’s, Viper’s combo’s :P, the eye candy, feelings of nostalgia, mindgames and deep, tactical play in general.

My hate however, has grown exponentially over the last year. Every time I play some new inconsistency pops up and it just hurts my brain to constantly have to struggle against these incredibly poor design flaws. The hitboxes, ridiculous amount of trades, obvious OPness of certain moves/situations/characters, Ultra’s and crutch mechanics in general, the list goes on…

Yeah… I still love SFIV, but MAN do I hate this fucking piece of shit at the same time.

Sweetest memory of SFIV…realizing they were updating this shit.

I remember getting the game on release date as an early birthday present from my mother. I decided from day 1 that I would main Sakura since she has always been my favorite SF character. Bout to G1 anyday now.

Sweetest Moments
-realizing that I have a new SF game to learn
-unlocking Sakura an immediately learning combos

Sourest Moments
-My Xbox fucked up 2 weeks after I had the game so I had to play SFA3 on Ps2 to kill time

Excited about…
-fighting against skilled Makoto and Ibuki players with Sakura
-learning Dee Jay and Dudley
-continuing to learn Rose, El Fuerte, Dhalsim, Gen so that I’ll have a full 10 man roster for SSF4 (add M.Bison, Guile, Boxer)

The game isn’t the greatest, but it’s held my attention for a year without fail or breaks. It must be doing something right.

My thoughts of the game being casualized from the arcade footage I saw on the Interwebs were more or less confirmed when I eventually got my hands on the game in arcades. The console release cemented this fact.

Sweetest moment was realising how underrepresented Gouken was in the community and that the only dignified character in the game and homage to the few old schoolers still interested in the franchise, was essentially all mine.

Thus revelation was soon soured, somewhat, when it became clear WHY he was so underused.

The only thing I see ‘Super’ retiring from ‘IV’ is any illusion that the game is hardcore. I think the game will finally, snugly fit into its rightful slot as a family-friendly casual fighting game, much like the Smash Brothers, Naruto and DBZ series. : )

'* Street Fighter 4 Wii!* ’

lol U MAD? So this is a kiddy game, which is based on more kiddy games right? So says Sab, the ragequitting scrub. Go troll more FADC videos or go watch some more DSP.