One Year Later

so bitter

First time I ever dropped Tekken for another FG. That said, it’s probably because the T6 port was so crap. In fact, after the 3rd day with T6 I took out the disc and haven’t played it since. Maybe it’s because of the SSFIV hype as well. Either way, I’m still enjoying SFIV. It got me back into 2D fighters.

That said, I’ve never raged harder at another FG. This game does have some really dumb shit in it :lol:

picked gief from day 1 too. have to admit, while its defiantly been a fun year with my favorite sf character, ill be looking to pick up a new main when ssf4 hits. his bad match ups are just gonna get worse i think and im tired of fighting for my life everytime i run into one of them in a tourney. nothing personal, i love the giefster, but its time for a change :sad:.

fondest memories- having huge sessions with my buddies that went well into the wee hours of the morning, tourneys at denjin arcade, meeting and playing top players.

Worst memories- being incredibly frustrated with gief’s bad matchups.

still way more good memories, sf4 was a great game for an entirely new system, and while yes i dont think the balance was perfect in it, it was pretty damn close, way closer then capcom has been in their first try in a new system in a loooong time (usually the first trys are really bad compared to the later games, alpha 1, cvs1, sf3 ng, etc). i got it the day it came out and its probably been 90% of my total gaming since. ive had a great time and im ready for super!

2 more months!

That’s why I use blanka to counter pick for Akuma and Seth when things get tough! haah. but i relish the challenge against sagat players. It’s just a a classic matchup.
but the thing is, i played with Gief so much, that i dont like counter picking, because i just know the ins and outs of the character. I just fell in love with him. cant ditch the old fuzzy russian.

oh, the bitterness…:crybaby:

i see you have King as your av. it’s ok, a few people still play KOF. a few people still listen to disco too. :tup:

No need to diss KOF. KOF is good shit that no one in the US plays basically. We need them flashy disproportioned character models in HD. KOFXII never existed.

Disco is GDLK.