Onechanbara Z2 Chaos will have 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution on PS4 :)


This can definitely help PS4 sales in Japan (and should be brought to the west too, Playstation hasn’t
had Onechanbara since the PS2 era. Sure, Xbox360 was easier to code, but now with PS4 they won’t
have that issue with Sony console.)

UPDATE release date set

**July 21, 2015 ** $40 digital, $50 physical.

UPDATE:** E3 2015 **

Looking great (if the graphics were any higher, it would be set to only 30 fps)
Z Kagura did raise the standards with better gameplay systems and combos than Bikini Samurai Squad

here’s an example of some great skillful combos from Z Kagura, it is levels above Bikini Samurai Squad and Bikini Zombie Slayers:

Skilled timing and knowledge of the movesets and tag team system really rewards hardcore players
with more advanced combos. And the system has a wide selection of flexible actions.

The characters have great personalities too.

And great news that Z2 Chaos is not only a direct story sequel, but Aya and Saki are also included
as playable characters (not DLC). So along with Kagura and Saaya, there are at least 4 playable characters.

D3 Publisher should definitely localize this. Z Kagura was held back by dated hardware
(the graphics upgraded from BSS to Z Kagura, hurt it’s splitscreen windows,
and the PS3 version had to remove co-op entirely. but PS4 should be able to handle splitscreen
co-op that fills the screen, and perhaps this could support 2-4 players co-op online in at least one of the modes.
At least the trailer hints there might be 4 characters fighting at once, or perhaps 2 tag teams at the sametime.)

Well tiny games like Lollipop Chainsaw sold over $1,000,000 internationally, so bigger games like Onechanbara Z2 Chaos
can definitely be successful worldwide, especially in a starving PS4 market. the Onechanbara series
does have more enemies, bosses, blood, gore and co-op than most action games, with better a.i. and combat depth than
Dynasty Warriors. Overall if people enjoy other action games, they can enjoy this.

Though it remains to be seen if D3 Publisher in the west will take action. Maybe the gaming community has to
convince them this is a worthwhile localization investment, this isn’t like the X360 days where the right game was
developed for the wrong platforms (Japanese games don’t sell as much on Xbox compared to Playstation.
and Wii is for kiddies too sensitive towards graphic violence and sexual themes, plus the wiimote sucks for gaming),

so D3 Publisher gotta get out of that paranoid attitude. There is a demand for Onechanbara in the west, but
they gotta give it a chance on PS4, especially considering there’s practically no AAA action games coming out
anytime soon on PS4, and Bayonetta jumped ship to Wii U, so there’s really little to no competition on PS4.

The timing really is perfect, especially Z2 Chaos raising the franchise to higher standards and most Playstation fans
missing out on the series, Onechanbara Z2 Chaos would be a very refreshing action game for the PS4 community
and growing fanbase.


Oh shit.
Affinity found GD :confused:


I didnt even know they made more than one. I only knew about the 360 game and I remember that game got shit on pretty much everywhere.


That’s a bad sign. That’s how you know a game is going to fall.


If you don’t get the fuck outta here with this sexist tripe imma have to sick @specs and @"Spirit Juice"‌ on ya…


Onechanbara games suck. I expect the new one to suck just as much as the games before it.


I can’t decide which is shittier, the game or Affinity having hopped the wall from FGD.


So is this Japan’s CoD? Cus it look like it blows :coffee:


If I ever get a ps4, and I can get it for cheap, I might play it for masturbatory purposes.


Lame. It looks like another dumb fan service game for otakus.


It wishes it was CoD. Onechanbara series have always been budget games.


I kinda dig how it looks/plays. Nothing wrong with camp as long as it knows its campy.

But I have a lot of much better looking, and likely much better playing, games in my backlog…


Neither. Your degenerate hate is shittier.

And people that think this game is sexist, are sexist themselves criticizing this but praising games like God of War and anything with almost nude guys.


Yeah this isn’t sexist. There’s way more sexist shit in a Capcom or SNK fighter than there is in a game where skimpy clothes are part of the theme and part of the whole point.


Just to be clear on something this is the definition of sexism:

Going by the technical definition in what ways are the women in capcom and SNK games sexist?

They are accomplished fighters who are on equal footing with the men. If the only reason we consider them sexist is due to their revealing attire then does this mean any woman who shows off her body is deserving of less respect and consideration. This seems rather regressive because I thought judging women by their looks was "slut shaming"and reducing women to their base components…but that’s none of my business.


Let’s not even do that.


Says the otaku that quoted Sephirot on the voice thread :coffee:


I like games like this and I can acknowledge that they’re pretty bad.

C’mon OP, let’s keep expectations in check.


Is Affinity, he/she always do that


If you’re going to make a thread about 1 game make sure it’s GDLK or super polarizing. Not generic otaku fan service: the game.