Ong Bak 2

Has any one see it yet? It was released in Thailand back in December '08. There is no official release date for the DVD in the U.S.A… and none of the Hong Kong DVD importers have it either.

Ive watched the promo reel and red band trail so many times i wore out the rewind on my Quicktime player.

if you havent seen the trailer her you go: Ong Bak 2

I forgot about this movie. Looks incredible.

there were a bunch of hold ups to getting this movie finished… including Tony Jaa going AWAL for a few months to go into the woods and meditate… im not making this up.

tony jaa’s muay thai never ceases to amaze me but the fact that he does all these different styles of fighting is just intense.

and the throat grab and the kick off the elephants trunk was insane

That trailer fails with that epic music.

This is what the trailer should have been:

So it is out? I kept trying to torrent/steal this shit from the interweb but all I found was The Protector uploads mistakenly named “Ongbakz 2”.

Magnolia just picked it up from the weinstein co and are going to do a limited theatrical at some point.

until then it’s all about District b13 2

Man…I am pretty pumped for this.

If this proves anything, its that you just do NOT mess with a man’s elephants.

Tom Yum Goong (unedited) >>>>> The Protector

Can’t wait to see Ong Bak 2!

Anybody see Chocolate?

choclate is tight, but i have trouble syncing the sub titles with video.

Tiger Genocide from the elephant was great. I was sad when I heard there were problems making the film since supposedly Tony Jaa is a little looney to work with. But yeah seriously I want to see this! I enjoyed his past films. He is pretty exciting to watch.

I didn’t like Chocolate. The story and acting weren’t very good. Action scenes were mediocre.

Ong Bak 2 looks pretty sick though.

You know, all this talk about Ong Bak 2 made me realize that I have the Ong Bak 1 steelbook DVD and I haven’t watched it yet.

Really grimey…

:open_mouth: wut?

hope we see more elbows to head and knees to face action.

Looks exciting. Tony looked a little sloppy with his Wushu type stuff he was doing (chain whip, 3 section staff), but his TKD and Muay Thai are still on point.

Is that out yet? I need my parkour and French fix.

does anyone know the style he does when hes rolling around on the floor breakin knees?

and supposedly, ong bak 3 has tony jaa fighting like he has no bones o_O

I just pictured Jaa doing Dhalsim-like moves.

Shame Tony Jaa went insane mid-production and ran out of budget. Then to top things off went into the jungle on some spiritual quest.