Oni Air Demon Hit Box Revealed

Should he be banned now?

i knew it was big but that is dirk diggler big!

I’m not quite sure how you’ve ended up with such dramatic results. The hitbox on the air Demon should be the same as the grounded version. Also, I don’t think it has any specific hurtboxes defined. It’s fully invincible, until it isn’t, much like the regular Demon. At that point, it shares the same generic hurtboxes, except, you know, Oni is in the air and stuff.

It most certainly doesn’t grab from that far away on the first active frame, but the video was amusing.

I’d also be fairly sure that it doesn’t actually grab behind him o_O

That hitbox is the flying way of Oni, not means Oni and suddenly grab his opponent at full screen like the hitbox displays, Oni has to fly in front of his opponent to grab.

explain the green box =)

Hey maybe you shouldn’t jump! Or do random tatsus!

Wow that is almost as big as Zangief’s grab range

It shouldn’t exist. Where in the move is there a hurtbox defined?

that explains why he can air demon Balrog and his weird hurt box after a knockdown if youre quick enough as a juggle -__-

Please check in game again, that hurtbox is fake, I can kick Oni out of Air Demon (Hard but possible)
It means his hurtbox is not just behind him