[Oni + Evil Ryu] SF4 Characters as SF3 Sprites


3rd Strike Adon would be cool to see.


Like I said before, I’d like to See Kazuya, Nina, and King


Would love to see either of Guy’s alts (ideally both!! :wink:

I’m not good enough at sprite edits to get something great myself…


@D_C, I like what you did.


Loving the new stuff.


wow oni looks perfect just have to slow down the animation some and you have it nailed. Awsome


Think you could add the hole in his chest? Lol.


I can see it, it’s really tiny and Ryu is covering it up with his hand.


I see it now, Thanks.


nice work on the Evil Ryu.


Your work inspired me to improve my own little character portrait for Oni (my avatar). Thanks!


^good job.


can anybody put up the full tutorial again?

i can’t find it anymore…



sorry I’m late, as I haven’t been on this thread in awhile, but



no problem :3


why is arlong tsang from udon taking steamboys credit?


Arnold Tsang is Steamboy, we already went over this. :stuck_out_tongue:



so how do you download these characters because i cant seem to download them


These are extremely well done! Great work!