Oni Frame Data



I did a bit of testing comparing against known Frame Data. These are the results so far! Naturally, there aren’t any measurements of active/recovery frames unless they’re taken from the development blog. My own comments/questions in italics.

Also, feel free to add data/correct any mistakes (especially if an official frame data guide comes along). I’m not the type to babysit threads or post on srk often so…

it seems the dev blog lists frama data differently from the mook? i.e. when a move has a 5 frame startup, they really mean it and the move will hit on the 6th frame. for the sake of consistency, ‘startup 5’ means it’ll hit on the 5th frame. i’ve tweaked the numbers from the blog accordingly.

  • normals:

s.lp: startup 3; +7 on hit.
s.mp: startup 6. at worst +0 on block.
s.hp: 7/4/17. -3 on block.
s.lk: startup 4; +3 on hit.
s.mk: 6/1*4/14. -3 on block.
s.hk: startup 6.
f+lp: startup 4; +5 on hit.
f+mp: -5 on block. at least +0 on hit. why does fei’s super punish on block though?
f+hp: 12/6/18; -9/+0.
f+lk startup 5. -2 on block.
f+mk 13/2/13; -2/+2. +5 on ch.
f+hk: startup 10.
c.lp: startup 3; +6 on hit.
c.mp: startup 5; +6 on hit. interestingly, it doesn’t combo into sweep on ch.
c.hp: startup 5; -8 on block.
c.lk: startup 4. at worst +0 on block.
c.mk: startup 6. -4 on block.
c.hk: 9/2/24; -8 on block. knd on hit.
b+mp: startup 5. at worst +0 on block. +6 on hit. won’t combo into sweep on ch either.
b+mp > hp: …
f+lp > mp: …

  • non-ex fireballs: minimum 13 frame startup for all versions. at point black, -8/-4 across the board. (assuming consistent fireball hitstun/blockstun values among shotos, does this imply fireballs have a 47 frame duration?)
    charging it halfway doesn’t change recovery.
    fully charged fireballs are at worst +0 on block. +6 on hit.

  • ex fireball: 13 frame startup. at worst +0 on block. +4 on hit.

  • srk/ex srk: 3 frame startup for all versions. obviously unsafe/knd. lp srk has no strike invincibility (dunno about throws?) mp/fp srk at least invincible to the 1st active frame. mp srk transitions more easily to shinsho animation than fp srk. ex srk is invincible all the way up ala ryu/seth/akuma ex dp.

  • slash: lk slash is -2. mk slash is -4. hk slash is -8, front or back. ex slash is -12 from front, -10 from behind (lol).
    lk/mk slash fadc forward is at worst +0 on block. ch lk slash is +3. lk slash fadc forward is +6 on hit (!)

forward dash is 18 frames. backdash is 28 frames.

have fun. not sure how much more testing i’ll do


Thanks a lot man.
So lk slash really is safe?


So is:

lk slash fadc ultra1/ultra2
fireball fadc ultra1/ultra2



Thanks for the info! Hopefully we can confirm it later with an official release from Capcom


im about to test that theory right now…i’ll let you know in few


and the answer to that my friend is no tried like 10 times and no luck


I tried dp+lk, seems to be -6 on block, chun far mp does not.


Fireball being -8 on block -4 on hit is really dumb. Seth’s fireball being -6 -2 irritated me, but this just seems senseless. What do you guys use to end blockstrings?


-8 on block at the range you would be throwing fireballs really isn’t that bad, those are numbers for point blank range, as fireballs go out the advantage on block changes. just don’t end super close combos with fireball.


I believe lk slash is +1 on [hit], or it is at least cancelling from cr.mp, B+mp (distance could be the thing). Found it to be at least +4 on CH.

EDIT: Not that it’s still relevant, but by some neurological lapse I wrote block instead of hit. You can combo into standing short from counterhit, implying that it’s at least plus 1 on hit.


Its definitely -2, have gief or thawk reversal grab it every time.




Yeah, it’s -2.


f+hp: 12/6/18; -9/+0.

This doesn’t seem right, if it’s +0 on hit, shouldn’t I be able to FADC forward and combo? I can’t even get LP to link.


A little testing shows that both LK and MK ground pound are at least -4 on block, probably more. Not a safe move to just throw out there. Roundhouse version is -2 or better on block, very safe but still punishable by things like Ken’s super.


+0 means you’re at a neutral state. Frame advantage is required to link moves.


It would really depend on how fast his dash is… You can combo after it on counter hit, but ive only gotten cr.lp to link consistently.

Also forgot to say to the guy doing the chops/stomps/dp+k I already did the lk its -6, I imagine its the same for the mp since they seem almost the same save for the hitbox. I’ll try and test the hk one when I get home for exact numbers.


It’s my understanding that +0 means that my opponent recovers from hit stun at the same time I recover from my move. I’m canceling the recovery of my move into a forward dash, which should give me +5 advantage.




you are canceling your recovery but also dashing. it depends on the hitstun and the dash length. just for example, if the hitstun is 15f, the dash is 15f, and your recovery is 15f, you may cancel the recovery but you will still be adding 15f of dash, getting the same net result.

of course, this is a poor example, and often FADCing a move cuts some frames off of a dash. but its not as simple as you might have thought