Oni in Arcade mode

Has anyone figured out exactly how to fight Oni or Evil Ryu at the end of Arcade mode? They’re there, we just need to figure out the key.

Did you not try googling it?

I did and that didn’t show up. thank you.

Excuse me if I’m wrong. I’ve faced him, its the same requirements as fighting Gouken I think, but you must finish seth with a super/ultra.

For Evil Ryu, you must never lose a round, get 1 perfect round, and defeat seth with a super or an ultra combo finish. For Oni, its the same as Evil Ryu, but you must also get 10 first attacks and have 5 super or ultra combo finishes. The easiest way I got to them was by spamming Zangiefs lariet. Also remember to get the achievement or trophy for defeating them, it must be on the hardest difficulty.