Oni Match-Up Thread

Proceed my friends who are currently playing in the arcades :smiley:

vs ryu

Although Oni’s fireball doesnt go full screen unless charged…oni can keep up and possibly win in a fb war against ryu. Reason why is that is it seems that oni’s electricity fb (hcb+p) seems do have decent recovery and oni’s regular fb seems to have better than the average shoto in terms of how fast he recovers. That being said…full screen you probably want to use the mp electricity fb and regular fb any other time. Since oni wakeup game isnt good…you probably want to spend the first part of the match zoning and building meter.

In terms of footsies your main pokes will probably be fwd.fierce and cr.forward and to some extend st.forward. If you can catch ryu whiffing a move automatically react with fwd.fierce as a punish. Also use f.fierce if you know that ryu is trying to move forward. Other than that use cr.forward as your main poking tool. st.forward can be used also as a good poke because of its reach/speed/and ability to hit twice(use if you know your opponent is trying to focus through your normals)

What hasnt been notice by many people is that oni moves very quickly when dashing or focusing through moves (Similar to the dashes of Abel and Bison). So if you could use that to your advantage you can get close to ryu where oni can apply his mixup game.

Once youre playing ryu up close…Oni has plenty of options to choose from. Your bnb should be cr.short>cr.jab>cr.fierce>rh tatsu…you want to use that combo often as it pushes your opponent towards the corner and sets up up for a possible safe jump using j.short. For a block string or combo…cr.short>cr.jab>target combo f.lp>mp>lk slash works fairly well because oni seems to be at + frame adv on either block or hit and it leads for further mixups via grab/frame trap/another slash loop.

I had my friend test if ryu can dp when i try to do a cr.short after a slash loop and dp doesnt seem to work after the blocked/hit slash.

Going off on what i said in the beginning about zoning and building meter…Building meter with oni is very important because he is a character whose ex moves and cancellable moves are very important in his gameplay.

Ways to use Oni’s meter

  1. Through footsies
    -If you manage to hit confirm a cr.mk>fb, oni’s dash is fast enough so that you can cancel and continue to combo with cr.fp>hk tatsu

    • full combo cr.mk>fb>fadc>cr.fp>hk tatsu
  2. Off a slash loop
    -off a slash loop (cr.short>cr.jab>target combo f.lp>mp>lk slash) you can catch your opponent by surprise by doing an ex stomp (:dp:+2k) to catch them teching or blocking low

  3. Stun+damage setup
    -If you manage to get a crumple setup or a good cr.mp hit confirm and they’re not ducking…a big damage combo would be (cr.mp>target combo b.mp>fp>fb>fadc>target combo b.mp>fp>hk tatsu) This not only does masssive damage and stun…it could lead to possible oki setup and puts your opp in the corner.

  1. Using Ex slash as a shenanigan/escape move
    -off a slash loop (cr.short>cr.jab>target combo f.lp>mp>lk slash)
    -through ryu’s cr.mk>fb
    -off an air to air move (for example…air to air j.short>land before them>as they land do ex slash for the crossup)

Also…remember to use oni’s kara throw (HP~lk+lp or HK~lk+lp) to setup possible frame traps (prob cr.mp)…

More to add later as i learn the matchup more… :tup:

Since the game seems to be progressively revolving into “Yun/Yang/Fei and characters who can fight them” - how does Oni fare against those three? Of course it’s early to have his matchups figured, just wanted to know some impressions by people who are actually playing AE.
(what happens if you f+HP vs the twins’ palm? Since the moves have projectile status… do they trade? Do they phase each other with nothing happening? Does Oni f+HP have a normal hitbox in conjunction with the projectile one?)

I would like for some1 to have some vids and possibly some of ONI mix ups and combos if possible recorded in a video camera.

vids like that will come out once Ae drops. Due to people going into the lab and figuring that shit out. Its too expensive to try this stuff out in aracades

If you have not seen it yet, you can watch my video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7M2KU8xGQk

There is many thing you want to know to have a good start with Oni. If you have any questions, let me know.

WEll I’m gonna drop Akuma to main ONI so thats for sure but I was wishing for more updated vids of ONI but that vid was useful…thanks

Héhé ! Remember, no vortex with Oni ! But High damage / stun / fun.

Yeah no vortex but what I like is that ONI has his own vortex and he’s play style is different…that “Sekisei Jiraiken” move which is Demon palm is a great way to score a take down which is basically what a vortex is…so I’m good even though I will miss the dive kick and demon flip but I’m getting the air dash with 2 different ultras and many ways to land them so I’m happy with the trade…lol

I’m wondering, how does this guy fare against the twins. I was thinking of him as a potential counterpick because people say his normals are beast and can stuff a lot of shit.

hes got awsome normals and great combo potential. I think well need to spend more time on his combos but i think he can def beat the twins for sure.
Watching the SSF4 AE tournys with everybody picking the twins sicken me. Im going to main oni and i will destroy any twin character who comes in my way. Im my own leader. not a follower whos some pawn

Well you gonna have 1 problem…I’m dropping my Akuma for ONI so the fate of this world ain’t big enough for 2 Satsui No Hado masters…lol Fuk the twins as soon as I saw ONI I knew I was gonna drop Akuma for him and I’m gonna work extra hard in training mode to master all of ONi’s links and combos…

im with you brother! the twins shall rule the day but we shall rule for all eternity

I don’t think Fei long is a good match up for Oni. I’ve played against a local player, and Fei’s footies just destroyed mine. If you F+H him at the maximum distance, he can do a light rekka and get at a distance where he can counter poke you free. You can’t throw fireballs mid screen, so I wouldn’t bother. You can also beat his ex chicken wing free with dp, you can also do it with u2, but you have to wait till his last spin before it actually works. 6-4 if not 5.5-4.5 Fei’s favor.

Gief seems like an easy Matchup for oni. Although I only fought one very mehish gief.
st.hp seemed to beat his jump in. and his F.HP keeps him at bay well just watch out for exgh.

well from personal experience i found that standing HP works well against the twins dive kicks

Found Oni to be really strong against Yun in the matches ive played so far, chrged fireballs stop his palm spam meter gaining s.fierce and f.roundhouse work well as counters to his dive kicks too. Its also pretty safe to HK ground slam (SRK+HK) fairly safe on Yuns wake up and his DP, if he does it, goes too far forward and wiffs.

Guys how do I deal with Dictator and his cr.lk spam?

If you block scissor kick, do st.LK or b+MP. No clue on the startup of it, but b+MP has stuffed every standard followup after scissor kick that I have attempted except for Bison’s st.MK, which gets stuffed by st.LK. If he does EX Psycho Crusher through you, punish with f+HP. Remember that Psycho Crusher has projectile properties so EX/MK Palm Slice can go through it. Whenever he has no meter, feel free to vortex away. Bisons love to mash on crouch tech, so abuse properly spaced Ground Pounds during your oki. If he has meter, be wary on his wakeup and punish accordingly. If you block EX Scissor Kick, you can do b+MP, HP into MK Ground Pound.

huh, st.lk and B+MP Gottta try that on that matchup. Thanks.
Anyways what about. Elf? really don’t know what to do against him.