Oni Medium-Button Specials

I’ve noticed that a lot of Oni’s “medium” versions do less damage than the light versions. Is there some other benefit such as speed, invulnerability, or recovery that causes this? Forgive me if there is already a thread discussing this, but “medium specials” didn’t return any worthwhile results.

Their probably comboable. Thanks for brings this to our attention since someone will have to look into the reason for the developers for doing this

I wouldn’t say “a lot.” I’m pretty sure the only one that does less than its light counterpart is the ground slam. The mk.slam is a bit easier to combo into.

Forward stomp has a higher juggle potential and more range than the short version. Forward stomp combos from SRK FADC, but the light version doesn’t.

Forward slash has fireball invincibility.

Strong SRK lands more hits against an airborne or juggleable opponent than Fierce SRK does.

Really? It’s the complete opposite for me. I find MP SRK to be extremely reliable, and I almost always get the full animation too. You sure that you’re timing it right?

I usually do it pretty deep, yeah (that sounds totally wrong).
If you want, I could post a quick video on the timing later.


Here you go.
Sorry for the crappy angle, I don’t have a good setup yet. lol

No problem. Just try not to fail like I did at the end and you’ll be all right. lol