Oni Option Selects for Backdash (includes DWU)



Hey SRK, so today I did some brief labwork and found some option selects for hard knockdowns (both regular and DWU).

Oni’s sweep has gotten buffed in Ultra (1 start up frame and 1 recovery frame were taken away) making it and even better footsie tool + OS tool. Oni also lacks special moves to option select with (his Light demon slash has too much start up to OS with), making the sweep essentially the only OS option he has to catch back dashes.

For most characters, using Cr. lk > Cr. lp + Cr. hk works because Oni’s Cr. Lk like most shotos has a recovery of 9 frames and is also chainable to his cr. Lp. However, for some characters with godlike backdashes this simply wont suffice. For characters like Vega, Chun li, Makoto and Rose you may have to simply OS using his Cr. lp because his Cr. lp only has a recovery of 5 frames.

For the delayed wake up set ups, they all begin the same way as the regular set ups. So all you have to do is watch for the technical and use the appropriate set up if you can react quick enough. Enjoy and if you find any errors or better set ups, please let me know and I will update this thread!

  1. After sweep
    Regular: Sweep > Double Dash > (VERY SLIGHT DELAY) > cr. lk > cr. lp + sweep
    DWU: Sweep > Double Dash > cr. lp > cr. lk > cr. lp + sweep

  2. After Forward Throw
    Regular: Forward throw > M Demon Slash > Dash > Cr. lp + sweep
    DWU: Forward throw > M Demon Slash > F. MK > Cr. lp + sweep

  3. After Back Throw
    Regular: Back Throw > F. Mk > cr. lp > cr. lp + sweep
    DWU: Back Throw> F. Mk > 2x cr. lp > cr. lp + sweep

  4. After Light Ground Slam
    Regular: L Slam > Dash > 2x cr. lp > cr. lk > cr. lp + sweep
    DWU: L Slam > Dash > cr. lp > cr. mp > cr. lk > cr. lp + sweep


thank you for this, ive been looking for a way to adapt meaty timings for delay wakeup.


Oni can OS his fwd.HP vs characters with better backdashes, and if you have 3 meters, you can perform red focus and punish hard. Alternately he can OS his EX tatsu, EX Gohadou, fwd.RH(In the corner if opponent is caught during airborne backdash frames this will yield significant damage output.) fwd.MK, you can even OS his dash if you’d like to follow the opponent. He has a very large selection of tools to deal with backdashes. Alternately, his safejump setups from stomp are amazing as well. (3fsafejump - combo to MK stomp, whiff s.lk n.jump mk. If done correctly anybody without a 3f reversal can kick rocks, and you can option select U1, U2, DP, Demon, Sweep, whatever you’d like. The DWU timing on it would be to add a cr.lp afterwards, I’m still testing this, but it seems it’s a 4f SJ from there, but there’s always air backdash.