Oni Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!

Here’s a general question:
What are Oni’s moves?

So far this is what I’ve seen:

Shin/Shoryuken: 2 types, close and far. When executed close you get a highly damaging 3 hit shinshoryuken, but when further you get a regular multi-hitting shoryuken, like Akuma’s.

Shin-Gadouken: Sort of like Dan’s Gadouken, but better. Oni throws a one handed fireball that goes about 3/4 screen. It’s chargeable, and charging it gives it 2 hits as well as full screen distance. It charges quite a bit faster than Gouken’s fireballs. EX version is basically instant charged fireball, 2 hits and full screen. Might give more damage as well, don’t know.

Crackalaken: Like Akuma’s 3 hit fireball, but all badass lightning-y. Possibly does more stun too, but the only reason I’m saying this is because Denjin hadouken is also an electric fireball and is recognized for its stun values. Would definitely be interesting, Oni having two regular specials that are considered super moves by other characters.

Tatsumaki senpuukyaku: Akuma’s tatsu, but no combos afterward. EX version is the same as Akuma’s/Ryu’s too.

Running slash: Oni runs at you and hits you with a glowy karate chop. lp and mp hit front, hp and ex hit crossup, with the ex version launching for followups like another running slash or even both his ultras. lp slash seems pretty safe on block except against command grabs.

Leaping stomp: Oni jumps upward before landing quickly, delivering a ground-shaking smash. Hits overhead (I think), and has a really really big hitbox.

3 way air-dash: Oni can dash forward, backward or upward in midair for a short distance, with mild, punishable recovery on landing. The back and upward dashes can actually hit for a small amount of damage (Oni uses a small energy blast to propel himself) if your opponent is close enough to you when you dash.

F+HP: Excellent command normal. Huge reach, great hitbox and cancels fireballs. Focus punishable though.
F+HK: Another good command normal. Knocks opponent backward to the other side of the screen if connected as anti-air.
B+MPxxHP: Target combo, the HP is special cancel-able.

Super: Raging demon. Seems to be the same as Akuma’s, except you can also use it in midair. Midair version works much like Zangief’s Siberian Blizzard ultra, except obviously it uses 4 EX stocks and does less damage.

Ultra 1: Metsu Hadouken. Interestingly, it has an animation that causes more damage if you land it flush without juggling into it, though juggling into it still does decent damage.

Ultra 2: Kongou Kokuretsu Zan. Don’t care what the game calls it. Oni performs a (much shorter range than in 3S and only front facing) KKZ. Juggling into KKZ causes mild damage, similar to Ken’s U1 damage when he FADC’s into it from a non-counter-hit shoryu. If you land it flush, the KKZ launches you skyward and Oni delivers a backbreaking shoryu for devastating damage.

****FINALLY! Oni and Evil Ryu forums in the line up, actually wanted to be the one to post them but it’s all good xD Any bnbs?

For people who’ve used Oni and have a grasp of how his moves work, is it possible / viable to do something along the lines of:

(After Knockdown) -> Jump-in -> Air Dash Back (Bait Wake-Up Uppercut) -> Air Demon (To punish)

Ultra 2 looks $ick!

Im gonna be so geeked if we see Oni as DLC for console version!

Damn Evil Ryu got long hair in his alt. Well now i want Oni to have even longer hair!

Ken got long hair.
E-Ryu got long hair
Akuma got longer hair
Gouken has long hair

Oni alternate:

YouTube - 2 oni vs ibuki

no long hair and i dont like it, hope he gets more along the way.

Can Oni attack after he air dashes, or does he have no attack options until he lands?

He can cancel either of the forward-moving dashes into Tatsu, and I think he can cancel any of the dashes into air Demon. That’s all, though.

can i get information on his frame data. like on all his buttons and if n e 1 knows when cancel his air dashes into hurricankicks can u get them to actually hit opponets practically like if they r crouching or on cross ups if they r crouching.

Can you hit crouchers with other characters’ air tatsus? If so, then yes, I guess.

Does anyone know what requirements there is to face Oni in arcade mode (And E.Ryu too, for that matter)?

Does the airdash have a minimum air height requirement or can you do TK airdash ?

You can do TK air-dash, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are using the HP version to go back. He has so much recovery upon landing on the ground that he’s open for just about any punish imaginable.

Can you TK into airborne Raging Demon? If it can done instantly and low to the ground it could set up a nasty 50/50 with the grounded version, whereas the opponents either have to stay still (and be vulnerable to grounded version) or jump/backdash/reversal exposing themselves to the air version.

I wanna do FA -> TK air RD. That’d be sweet.

in theory the input would just be [buffer the 2 lp’s] then UF+LK+HP. Can anyone who has access to AE testi this?

As long as the air RD can be done that low, it will work. Well, technically, it’s “UF, LK+HP”, because:

A: You can’t press F+LK+HP for RD, contrary to popular belief.
B: If you do it during pre-jump frames, you’ll probably get grounded RD.

But then again, “LP, LP, UF (land) LK, HP” doesn’t work iirc, so maybe this won’t either. I guess you could press “F, UF, LK+HP” if that’s the case though.