Oni Resets / Mixups

Last Updated 7/6/11
I am looking to compile all of Oni’s resets/mixups. If you have any resets/mixups please list them below.

Reset 1
EX Slash, :b: :mp:

Reset 2
Crossup Tatsu, :b: :mp:

After you hit :b: :mp: you can:
:lk: Slash, :hk: Slash, EX :Slash, :lk: Tatsu, :f: :mk:, gohadoken, EX gohadoken, gorai hadoken, EX gorai hadoken

Mixup 1
backthrow into instant air jump back dash xx hk tatsu

Mixup 2
Anti-Air st:hp:

after you hit with AA st:hp: you can:
:lk: Slash, :hk: Slash(You have to time it), :hk: Sekisei Jiraiken



Great stuff, especially Mixup 1.

I think you should include the potential of delaying the LK Slash after Reset 1 as a note (as seen in the last vid). Seems like a really nice mixup option all in itself, pretty hard to predict the result. I haven’t put it through its paces yet, but it looks like it’d be a nice way to bait an autocorrect shory if the LK slash is safe.

I hope this is the place, but to fake a crossup against blockers, use :mk: slash.

If your opponent is reversal happy (only tested on DPs) after a Back Throw, you can immediately jump as if you’re going to jump over them – Once you hit your peak of jump, Airdash Backwards to force their reversal to auto correct in the opposite direction. I only got to play with this for a few minutes, but right now this is the ideal option (imo) to confirm an Air Demon.

Of course as with everything else, this is risky, but I figured what better place to put it than here.

Another Reset (tested against 3 frame DPs)

If opponent whiffs a DPs, :lk: Tatsu as they are falling will place you on the ground before them. At this point, you can do these:

  1. B+:mp:
  2. C.:lk: (followed by a cross under/block/MK stomp/combo starter)

You can probably do more there, however again, I haven’t gotten the chance to test them all yet.

Let’s not forget Oni can reset after crumple, leading to more mixups if your goal is to maintain the pressure. His dash is fast enough to go under your opponent after popping them off of the ground. I can post more… Or you guys can.

Please post more

You should add that after EX Slash yo do b.mp cancel into a Lk Slash you land in the other side but its really difficult to see no one can block it =D