Oni set up threads



Hey there SRK!

This is my first time posting here so please be gentle.

I wanted to start a set up thread for Oni.

I find it really saddening that I can’t find any of his set ups online and hopefully this thread will be the go-to when other Oni players like myself look for genuine set ups.

I am mainly after set ups after for e.g a heavy tatsu or a low stomp that will make DPs whiff or outright forces people to block on wake up.

Also does anyone have any ambigious set ups for him? Obviously his slashes are not going to cut it and we need a set up that keeps people guessing.

Please any help is appreciated!


I know this is an old thread, but I would like to bump it as well. That’s because I wanna learn these as well and I feel like that’s something I’m lacking. I’m lacking all kinds of setups. This was made painfully obvious to me when facing a very good Gouken.


I just found bmphp stomp (lk or mk) dash forward neutral jump is safe for 5 frame reversals.

This is also fairly safe for 4 frame reversals but it all depends on your timing and how well they mash srk.

I know it works of decapre’s stinger.


Unfortunately oni’s only safe jumps are in the corner after forward throw.

You can get jump hk to cross up after Tatsu jump in on some big characters mid screen.


Is that really his only safe jump option in the corner?


If that is…I’m wondering how the hell do some of these Oni players do so well. I been watching Wao videos because I feel he has probably one of the most fundamentally and optimized damage dealers in the game. Sanford and OMH are close behind him as well. I do know that comboing into Ground Pound is a good thing to have in the arsenal. I’m having trouble with b.mp> GP. I mainly get slashes, but I would like to know some good setups midscreen and from the starting point of it all.


Unfortunately, yes. He has 4 options for a hard knockdown. Forward throw pushes them the entire screen, back throw is too close, stomp is too close (I’ve found one potential safe jump on 5f reversals but I haven’t fully tested it. I’ve only done it with Decapre to counter a buddy), and you can only combo into sweep on counter hit.

The reason he has a safe jump in the corner after forward throw is because of all the frames that go by while their in the air. He can set up from there.

I’ve been trying to figure out some other setups from stomp and tatsu. With tatsu, you can get a fairly reliable crossup after hk tatsu. This is the closest thing to a vortex.

I personally abuse frame traps and Ex stomp because blocking low on wake up is usually a safe tactic. A few frame traps are crlp into flp, crmp into crhp or bmp, or bmp to bmp.


as for your issue with stomp combos after your bk,mp just go Target combo to hp. while doing so make sure by the time you pressed bk,mp, you have let go of the stick and/or buttons or d-pad whatever go neutral and as the hp is coming out from the target combo input your stomp.

simply slow it down and speed your self up over time you will get it and practice it 3 times every day 25 reps a training session in a row TC2>lk/mk, stomp. and yes i mean you should go to the training room 3 times a day.

then and only then can you focus on set ups. why try to learn something like setups if you can never get to the situation required for them in the first place?


You have a very solid point. An with that being said I shall follow your instructions and hopefully this will help me gain a better understanding and allowing me to tap into this portion of my game to level up a bit.