Oni Setups - what do you use? :o

Been having fun with oni, despite being ass at shotos in general - been trying to figure out what are the most basic yet effective setups i.e. blockstrings, ch setups, pressure strings etc with oni.

setup’s I’ve been (over)using:

tc1 = target combo 1: st-f.lp xx st.mp
tc2 = target combo 2: st-b.mp xx st.hp

setup 1 on medium cl.range:
cr.lk cr.lp (bait/continue blockstring/go for ch) tc1 xx lk swipe / hk swipe / hadou / ex-hadou / ex-swipe / mk stomp / ex-stomp

after lp swipe hit or ch go for another loop of cr.lp tc1 xx special, OR fadc cr.hp xx hk tatsu / ex-tatsu in corner st+f.hk / ultra 1/2

xvynx: after lp swipe blocked go for lk /ex-stomp to encourage opponent to keep blocking to setup ex/hk swipes

will use hk swipe occasionally

setup2 on close-cl.range:
cr.lk cr.lp (bait/continue blockstring/go for ch) cr.hp xx (as above)

very basic traps i know, but those setups coupled with good zoning and spacing, seem to get me by pretty well.

I’ve been tinkering with air-dash fwd + tatsu, and jumpin mp.airdash, crossup hk tatsu (hard to do consistently but never fails to hit ;)) but they seem gimmicky at best - anyone make decent use of them?

anyone have some suggestions to what else is good to use? / How do you keep the pressure on, as oni?


as long as there are footsies in there somwhere thats pretty much all you have, its a good idea to throw some lk/ex stomps after a guarded lk sweep so the oponent guards more and you can set up the hk/ex sweep more often and with less risk of being stopped by jabs.

bet you saw some wao vids cuz those are his setups more or less

why are there like 4 threads on individual ppls Oni set-ups.
Put it in the Combo Thread or compile a Oni set-up thread instead of trumpeting your own styles

I made this thread specifically BECAUSE there were no specific ‘oni setups’ threads; a combo thread is not a setup thread, nor is this a ‘this is how I play oni’ thread. NFI what would make you think I’m ‘trumpeting’ my own styles; I merely listed two setups I use and asked what other types of setups people use and suggest when/how to use them.

thanks for the input xvynx, these setups are pretty common, haven’t actually seen any wao videos but I’ll be sure to check them out

they are popular BECAUSE of him haha, and sure anytime, lemme know if it worked

cool well lets keep the OP updated with the top Oni setups and not just your own and this thread could be quite productive

sure; I’ll update them as they’re suggested, keep them coming :slight_smile:

lol here’s what i like to do…

f.hp to poke and annoy

f.mk to get in and combo or lk.stomp if i feel like they might try to grab or poke after the f.mk string

spam e-fireballs until they start trying to jump in, if they do, i SRK punish or jumpback.rh to avoid srk trades

After that, they start seeing me as a spammer. So they start trying to bait moves by blocking or FA-ing, i start grabbing or ex-stomp-ing or hp.slash-ing

If I get a knockdown, I start abusing the stomp on their wake up (hp.stomp for backdashes, lk.stomp for grabs, pokes, jumps, and srk-bait, EX-stomp for FA’s and crouching). If i don’t have meter for EX-stomp to catch crouching, i use the hp.slash to annoy.

Everything I do is to annoy and I’ve never had this much fun with a fighter since using Q in SF3 lol

heres something i kept forgetting to try but hadouken_hater did for me

1:53 Electric fireball FADC, HK/EX slash. Exactly the right situation to use it too.

That’s pretty sick.