Oni so powerful, only needs 2 buttons to win

too God-like.

There’s 2 video threads.

that was only possible because that mokoto is blind and stupid

I call that the “Turbo” tactic… not that you are using turbo but if you watch replays of people using turbo that’s normally all they do. Especially Turbo + Ken lol.

Like 99% of every other video on this website. I wouldn’t say god like but his cross over attack is rather dirty. But not like its utter bull shit compared to other moves.

Not like it matters, but Mak’s uppercut is pretty much worthless. They’ll most likely use standing Medium punch or medium kick as anti air.

Makoto has what, arguably the best directly overhead anti air move in the game? That was in fact buffed in arcade edition? There is no excuse for this video existing.

This video is like hearing the game say “Dan Wins!”. It should not happen, ever. Even when 2 Dans play against each other, neither should win because they both play Dan lmao.

actually its because Jwong is a better player than Air and that was a joke post anyway.

Dan is actually a decent character. He’s not his old Alpha self.

Decent compared to who? Almost the entire cast is better than dan but that doesnt mean it isnt fun to win with him.

I dunno. Dan seems pretty deadly to me, as his tatsus have armor break and are pretty much safe, and he’s got the best backdash in the game, doesn’t he?

Check Poongko’s Oni

Probably the worst display of Street Fighter I’ve ever watched