Oni Strategy: kahmos edition



Okay, so with quite a bit of online play, and theory, I have this as my first impression for Oni: Strategy.

Oni is a fundamentals character, with high damage, unsafe moves, and great mobility and zoning to trick your opponent to fall into big damage.

Ive been playing fundamentals style Gen, for 2 years. He has low health, and a swiss army knife of normals, his combos are gimmicky, and his good combos are really difficult to execute. So Ive always played defensive, and I mean, I know all of Gens matchups, and what normals he has that beat theirs, MOST of the time.

Its not a execution heavy strategy, but it does require constant focus and mixup to hit your opponent back effectively, and as Gen has weak combos, low health, and really gimmicky tricks, in comparison to Oni… Oni seems to have small but STRONG combos, medium health, and really ambiguous mobility, with mixup mobility in the air.

Oni has the tools for all kinds of defensive tactics in his normals and special normals for movement, such as F+HP swipes, stomp, and especially air dash, which by the way, not only hits opponents where his hand flashes, but can cancel a projectile on hit*

He has excellent and hard hitting anti airs, aside from shoryuken, fierce and cr.fierce, all too easy to use to poke people out, even F+HP at the start of a fight will stop a projectile and punch them in the face (not juri, but think it worked on ryu/ken so far)

Ive been zoning people out quite a bit with electric balls, and waiting for empty jumpins for ex swipe into F-HK which knocks the opponent into the other corner behind you for more zoning. But this is dependent on timing and weather or not they are landing with a hitbox extended to be hit by.

Anyway, all these things are pretty common knowledge, but recently ive been using air dash to poke quite a bit, and fake people out of where I will land. The cool thing is, if you play the zoning game, keep an opponent out, and air dash to change your positioning enough, people will begin to predict your airdash and not anti air…

Because of this Ive actually been using really deep jumpins with medium air dash to either float over them or do a DEEP jumpin with hp into a big combo. I believe this is how oni is supposed to be played. A zoning character that forces the opponent into a position where if they approach wrong or guess wrong they get a gigantic punish.

Zoning with oni requires an incredible amount of spacing, but even when you might get poked, his FA and dash are fast enough to absorb a hit and get out quick.

One knock down and you can swipe quite a bit with more spacing, now depending on how meaty your swipe is, and your positioning you can land it in front or back of the opponent and always send them flying. It seems that if you Counterhit the opponent, or they try to jump, they fly HIGH into the air out of F+HK range, but I think if you can recognize this you can apply a full punish of much larger proportions (U2… jump EX tatsu… EX Shoryu… not in that order or even together…)

With the spacing of his dash, his fireballs and electric balls, with his mobile normals and slashes, his air dash mixup, his fake out airdash into deep jump ins, his ryu style low forward fireball defensive spacing up close, his shoto blockstring (cr.jab-jab-strong-forward-fb)

He just has all the tools to zone to death, or if your more technically inclined, PUNISH WITH THE FIST OF AN ANGRY GOD.

Also that overhead stomp seems risky… more on that later…

Anyone else wanna post strategies? I saw this one guy use cr.jab>jab>strong>lk.swipe>cr.jab>jab>strong>hk swipe as a mixup, seemed pretty ambiguous… but im guessing Nj will beat it.


Also, whats the meatiest normal/attack to use on wakeup besides an ex slash? Ive been using either F+HP or B+MP, both seem to have alot of active frames. B+MP will combo easily if they dont crouch on wakeup…


thanks for the input. I didn’t even know you can combo after the swipe lol


ultra 1 can be used as anti air just need to throw it out a wee bit more early.

Best way to land a ex slash is during a hit confirm they least expect it the most.
Dont forget the throw in a ex stomp head every now and then in to your block string. Dont spam this though or they will see it comming.
Onis meter is best used for his ex moves and FADC’s this super isnt worth it.
onis best damging combi with 1 bar is Cr.lk-Cr.lp-Cr.hp Ex Goshoryuken. ALSO! Cr.lk-Cr.lp-Cr.hp can be landed and combod off from even after a cross MK. This shows how great range this little combo starter has and should be implemented in to your oni hand book :slight_smile:

Also during a hit confirm or block string i sparingly end my combo with a light verson slash and then throw. This lands more often than usual because you can throw while it still looks oni is in his motion for the slash move. Same thing with the F+MK it sends you forward and hits crouching opponents and if spaced correctly you can also throwk. Kara throw for little bit more range

please tell me what you think

XBL Gamer tag is Greatn3ss hit me up on if this helped you or not i really want to help this oni community out


Things I picked up on the command dash attacks.

Dashes are not safe at all of course but there are some practical ways you can use them for mind games and some anti-air zoning.

Dashing (Fierce) will make you punch and dash in the opposite direction which is great for pokes. It’s the safest of them all and can be used to feint and cause opponents to with certain attack and get them guessing your next move. It’s still risky but it’s less risky than the other two.

Dash (Strong) is not that good, it bounces you up a bit and forces you to land unsafely. There are some uses for it such as a meaty attack againts wake up. It has a fairly nice size hit box and you can use it to cross up opponents but they can still block it while crouching. Againt if they block it or you miss and your land next to them, your helpless. I should also note if your gonna use this use it as low to the ground and opponent as possible if you hit them too high while they are standing, they will recover in time or at least be 0 frames with you forcing you to guess their next move.

Dash (Jab) is akward. It lunges you forward but punches backwards. I already knew what this was for. Aside from the obvious, you can use this as a bizzare cross up to dash past opponents who may wake up srk and punch them in the back as you wizz past them. You can use this in the corner too. I think if we Oni players learn to master this we can put some use to it. But I stress it again, if you land next to them and you did’nt hit them at all, your open for counter attack.

Other things to note is you can cancle any dash into raging demon if you see fit, i’ll leave it to you to find out ways to land it but it’s probably easier in the air since most charactes can’t escape from a jump. I don’t know if I was doing it wrong but I was trying to use it as some crazy cross up situation in the air but if you jump pass them and do it you just continue to go forward which kind of sucks. Also you can’t cancel dash into Ultra 1 for some reason which is weired to me because that seemed like a place where it could have been useful because Ultra 1 in the air is slow as tar. Finally predictability is something you don’t want, so don’t get cocky with it. Oni is a tool character so your best bet is to use what works best for your match up and not use it as a go to for everything.

Hope this helps, just trying to get the ball rollin.


I would say for the dash its not only utility but a form of conditioning to make the opponent wait for the “Jump in” or “cross up” and believe they shouldnt anti air you because you’ll just whiz past or back. Ive seen a guy on youtube follow up strong dash with a tatsu, perhaps jab dash as a crossup can cause block stun which could cancel into super? That would be interesting.

Swipe definitelly seems to be the meatiest wakeup attack but its too obvious aside from not knowing if its medium or heavy when used up close.


i use it to get out of corners all the time, with the escapecopter gone its a good option. Building distance is a good use as well.


If you end this combo with ex-slash not only does it reset, its a free U1 or what ever you want.


don’t know how useful this is but after a forward throw:
dash3 - forward jump MP air dash - crossup air Tatsu
3 - forward jump HP air dash (i’m thinking it might bait shoryu happy shotos)

been trying to do
dash*3 - crossup air Tatsu

but just can’t get it to connect, if someone can give it a try. the setup works for doing demon super though since most people will just try to throw you once they see the Tatsu, so you just do
dash*3 - crossup air Tatsu whiff - Super


I’ve only seen one good use for the mp.airdash. Saw this in a japanese tournament stream

Jump forward and before landing use mp.airdash to hop over a downed opponent to bait wake-up SRK’s


i’ve been using my air dash setup & it works great for idiots that love neutral jumping on wakeup (Chun, Fei, Juri, Sakura players) & of course if they just stand there they eat a crossup tatsu
you can also do dash*2 - forward jump MP air dash - air Tatsu
hits in front
tried a bunch of other stuff but i can’t remember right now


Oni has enough tools where when you opponent jumps at you, you should have an answer top tools are Cr.hp, S.hp,F+h,p F+hk, Goshoryuken. So in all when ever your opponent jumps at you. you should have a answer. sometimes there are exceptions like yun and yang who have fast dive kicks in that case you need to PRESSURE THEM. Dont let them set the pace there biggest weakness is strong,smart pressure.

For characters who have a strong jumping attack aka priorty say Dudleys Jumping Hp or makotos axe kick.Things like that you are required to do a shoryuken anything els thers a good chance you will get stuffed. Hard Shoryuken is suggest for max damage for these jump attacks with high priorty.

Change up your game play when you get a kock down throw out a F+HP as they get up. Or do a Hard slash to get them from behind. or a ex stomp for over head attack. use his kara throw for max range. Also throw in a Weak Slash in to your block string and/or your attack confirms because you can get away with a throw then timed becuase it looks like oni is still in his motion for his air slash but ur still able to throw out a throw. Use these smartly. And M airslash goes thru fireballs.

You need to learn your match ups so u can know what anti air attack to do against what character. And dont forget make this muscle memory but When your opponent is standing land that Combo Target 2 in to tatsumaki kick Because after u land a hard tatsumaki kick if you jump at them you will be in prime position for a cross up attack no moving just jump Cr.lp-Cr.lp-S.lp-Target combo 2 Tatsu or shoryuken . Shoryuken if you wanna fadc into a ultra.

I would like to say as of june 13th little before midnight i was ranked 13 of oni’s in the world i may not be the best but im striving to be a oni that everyone can be proud of. Yes i know its stupid but not only that i can say at least. i was ranked one of the best oni’s on XBL in the world :slight_smile:


I have been having pretty good success with the following strategy:

  1. Keep opponent out with normals, fireballs. Establish the life lead early and make them come to you.

  2. Teach opponent to block during and after lk slash. Either hit confirm off lights into lk slash or throw out cr mk xx lk slash. Continue to apply lk slash loop pressure, conditioning opponent to block. It is really important to condition the opponent not to press buttons when they see the slash coming.

  3. Switch lk slash for hk/ex slash to cross up opponent and mix up accordingly.