Oni stuff

Made a video with some of the more advanced / technical elements of Onis gameplay


Updated with almost 100% kill on Dhalsim / Seth using the reset below


thanks, OMH

As i said in youtubem, awesome stuff. I knew pretty much it all but u did some job showing when they are really usefull.

Thanks mate!

hmm so it seems as tho that issue with people falling out of the ex.tatsu needs to be blocked like a cross up or it will hit two more times. I can’t really recall this situation coming up before. Nice find.

Yeah thats right. Ryu has it but I believe it’s specific to Dhalsim. Oni’s able to do it to alot of the characters so it’s a much more useful tool.

Good stuff. This should go in the high level video section as welll so it doesn’t get burried.

inputs on the option selects would be great!

ASTOUNDING! (in my best Mortal Kombat voice)

actually, this makes me think there might be a valid technology for oni, like akuma. splendid. As an aside, which hado is being focus cancelled into jab at the end?

I think it was fierce, they all come out pretty quick though

Wow, nice stuff!