ONI version 2012 Changes

  • stamina from 950 - 1000
  • EX shoryuken first hit, is vulnerable to attack
  • EX tatsu now full hit
  • Ultra 1 the first 9f during animation and until 1f of the attack start is invicible
  • Super damage from 350 -370
  • light slash as Oni is body posture is low, easier to hit low or crouching opponent

copied from eventhubs…LOL if we get hard knockdown from ex.srk. that owns.

• Stamina from 950 to 1000.

• First hit of EX Goshoryuken causes untechable knockdown.

• Previously for EX Hurricane there were situations where not every hit would connect. That has been fixed.

• LK Demon Slash now has an additional hitbox on the lower side, so it’s easier to hit thinner/crouching opponents.

• Raging Demon’s damage icreased from 350 to 370 regardless if it’s ground or air.

• With UC1, when you aim it upwards, it’s 9 frames on start-up. Full invincibility from start-up to the second active frame.

I don’t understand why first hit EX Shoryuken causes UTKD…what are the usages? I can’t think of a situation right now my mind is tired from having mental orgasms for juris buffs

Drat. Why couldn’t they make a fully-loaded U2 an instant kill? Forget the rest.

The EX SRK buff is because in some cases, people fall out of the DP after the first hit, and Oni would be punishable if the opponent teched up. It happens most often with auto-correct DPs. It shouldn’t be too hard to recreate in training mode. Keep in mind, the UTKD probably won’t occur if all three or just two of the hits connect.

oohh fuck yeah you’re right u refreshed my memory when i fought a yun with my oni lol

oh i get it now. well then oni got nothing really then lol.

I like the grounded EX Tatsu fix, though I was hoping to hear something about his fireball being buffed somehow, either in range or in recovery, but it doesn’t seem like that was on their agenda. Here’s hoping that for all the stuff they mentioned on their blog, there is just as many things they DIDN’T mention that people will find out about later on. But so far, I’m actually quite liking what I see.

buffs across the board. Considering they gave him 1000 hp instead of making his options better, i guess I was right that he was intended to be a more traditional shoto rather than pure rushdown. good stuff!

Doesn’t that break the tatsu reset that someone just posted a video about not too long ago?

Possibly, but I’d still take the prospect of having full-hits land consistently on my EX Tatsu over the reset. The existing Tatsu that doesn’t land full hits right now does more harm than good, at least from my experience with Oni.

I dig these changes, all I really wanted were buffed normal hitboxes but whatevs, that super buff is nice since I actually use it, kills people dead! Health is nice, EX Shoryu is GODLIKEEEE, EX tatsu is good, Light slash might be good, ultra 1 kicks buff I am indifferent towards.

I like these changes too. Nice to see Oni receive buffs. Maybe I’ll see him played online more often :slight_smile:

The most significant buff imo is the LK.slash hitbox. If it’ll connect easier off of max ranged st.MP’s then it’ll be that much stronger. Saving meter for super is counterintuitive to the Oni kit/game flow… An FADC combo gives you just as much damage off of a 3 frame hit-confirm. 50 stam just going to get blown away from an ambiguous burn kick or any other strong wakeup option. These Oni “buffs” are akin to the C.Viper “nerfs”. Barely any functional changes, and just a lot of fluff, imo.

Ugh, I hope that’s not the case. I’m hoping it just means it puts them into a knockdown state so you get a UTK no matter how many hits you get.

Overall, I’m not crazy about the Oni changes. But I’m not sad either. Would’ve really liked to have seen FADC on block and a couple tweaks to slashes and air dash. But I didn’t see the health buff coming. That’s a nice bonus. If the top tier are getting nerfed he could turn out to be OK. Probably not top tier, but decent.

srk-FADC on block? FADC-srk is not just a defensive option, but it’s also an offensive option as well. Giving him that would make him completely broken.

The fixes are nice, but I expected them to buff oni’s f.hp and rh to make his poking game a lot more dangerous, but the health buff is a better way to strengthen his footsies and also allowing oni to take more risks.

Oh c’mon. How would it make him broken? Every other shoto can do it. How would spending 2 bars to not roll the dice catapult him into broken territory? It’s not like he gets in for free. He has OK wakeup mixups but it’s not exactly an Akuma’s vortex situation. Please tell me how it’d make him broken.

Let me put it like this:

In your scenario, any EX DP (AA, Reversal, Combo) means UTKD. I don’t think they would guarantee a safe setup just because we AA’d properly.

I can’t recall ever using ex dp and having only one hit connect leaving my balls flapping in the wind. I know it’ll happen with regular dp if your spacing is off…

The only thing that makes a difference to me is the U1 buff. I’m *ok *with no srk fadc for Oni only because his normals are crazy good so you shouldn’t need a safe 3 frame invincible reversal. Also the buff to the super was stupid. It’s been said already but for two bars you can do 400 damage off a day one combo with a little practice.

Face it guys! Oni got nothing and thus will never be tournament material!