Oni Worth maining?



Im looking to main Oni because I like his speed, not fast and not slow. But how is he compared to other characters? Does the un-FADCable DP really bring him down? So yea, is he worth maining?


He’s a low tier character-- with that said, this game is quite balanced and if you put in the time, you can definitely do well with him. Just know that you will be working harder than you would be with a better character. Definitely do-able, if you like his style you can go far with him, just be willing to put in the work.

No FADC on Shoryuken makes him have to guess more and makes it a bigger risk, to be sure. It’s mostly only a huge ordeal versus knockdown-oriented characters, though.


Bad. Yes. No. He’s no thawk that’s for sure but it’s hard to be sufficient with him and have pocket characters for counter picks.



Currently most of Oni’s bad matchups are 4-6, I’m not even sure if he has any awful matchups.

Worth considering is the fact that everyone plays Oni like shit. Inefficient comboes everywhere, even the very best Oni players in the world have terrible comboes with him. No one seems to know proper safejump setups, Okizeme is very underdeveloped. Even the top players don’t utilize the airdashes in their general gameplay, I also almost never see people use his most efficient hitconfirm comboes or his reverse tatsu mixup possibilities, especially with airdash.

I’d say that no one has sufficient character knowledge to play Oni properly. It’s easy to look at Combofiend for instance, who has very inefficient comboes with Oni for no reason at all. His comboes aren’t even difficult, his best ones are just 2-frame links and those are child’s play. For some reason people just don’t do them regularly.

Basically what I’m getting at is, Oni is very unrefined as a character at this point. People don’t utilize him to his fullest at all. Even with that, he doesn’t really have matchups worse than 4-6. His wakeup is relatively weak but at least he has a Shoryuken, automatically placing him ahead of many other characters. His okizeme is incredible and he has some powerful resets as well. Against many characters his air dash ultra 1 buffer is a safe way to build meter, for instance(don’t use vs characters who can punish it). Then if you happen to land the airdash you have a guaranteed ultra for absolutely no risk and no cost.

He has extremely powerful pressure options off a simple hit confirm but for some reason many people opt to not utilize them properly. His stun buildup is extremely powerful and with a 2 meter punish combo he can very simply get numerous characters to just 1-2 hits from stun.

He also has a very nice, relatively easily setupable HK Tatsu safejump against quickstand that he can also turn into a tatsu crossup, making it very difficult to react to for his opponent. Never see anyone use this, either.

Off a back throw he can use airdash and tatsu cancel to safejump an attack from both the front and the back. Never see anyone use this either.

I guess I’ll add something random: In footsies b.MP and s.MP are both almost never used despite having pretty much the best priority out of any Oni moves(especially b.MP beats so many pokes it’s not even funny and has very decent forward range as well while being extremely safe) and being bufferable to his LK Slash, giving you either a reset, a highly damaging FADC combo, or some chip damage while being safe on block. Still I see almost no one doing this.

Another random note: His antiair game is very good. Shoryuken beats pretty much everything as always, but his c.HP is incredibly fast with a great hitbox and his s.HP even beats Cammy’s EX divekick clean if you time it right. s.MP also beats everything that lands in front of you very easily, as does b.MP with a bit lower range but with significantly more priority.

Also another note, never do mixups with MK Slash. I see even top players do this and it baffles me. Oni says a different thing when he does MK Slash, very early on. It’s incredibly easy to block. With LK Slash and HK Slash Oni says the same thing in close range, using this makes far more sense. Actually finishing his comboes with a HK Slash reset is one of the best ways to instastun, and hilariously enough, if you started with a full supermeter, you can oneshot most characters in the entire game with just a FADC punish combo into HK Slash reset(with the slash stunning them) and then doing another FADC combo(The sequence will deal over 1000 damage). Most people of course were aware of this but it’s an interesting thing to note.

Might as well point out the resets after a FADC combo in more detail:

LK Slash. Comboes off a c.HP and s.MP and TC2. Resets the position with you having the frame advantage. Not bad, I’d say.

HK Slash. The normal one. People start expecting this one, though, so…

c.MP -> LK Slash. I call this the “fake HK Slash”. When they expect the HK Slash throw this one out there. It also doesn’t combo so it resets them. Helps if you count the stun and stun with this slash but you can also do some trickery and, say, save 2 bars to FADC this and go into a hugely damaging combo. Before doing this you need to abuse your opponent with the HK slashes but after you land this reset and FADC a huge combo off it… It’s incredibly beautiful. Never seen anyone use this by the way, see the pattern?

I would not EX Slash as anything but as an anti-fireball because it’s so easy to block if they have the slightest clue about Oni.

And finally, for the love of god, use c.LP c.LP s.MP LK Slash or c.LP c.LP c.HP(against characters / at a distance where this doesn’t whiff) LK Slash as your hit confirms instead of the fireball or 2-hit HK Tatsu or whatever shit I see even top players use. Target Combo 2 is possible instead if they are standing but at times it’s tough to confirm that after just 2 jabs.

Et cetera. No one is playing Oni even close to his potential so it’s very difficult to say how good he actually is.



what is this incredible okizeme that he has?


His Oki really isn’t incredible. Above average, definitely. But Slashes are very unsafe (-8 and -10 on block for crossup slashes!) and Stomps can be focused or reversal punished on block by 3 and 4 frame reversals or lose straight up to many of them on wake (though many can be beat as well, depending on timing).

Overall, if you out-guess / read your opponent, he can definitely make waking up a pain. He’s no Viper or Akuma, though-- their options are both SAFE and BETTER than Oni’s, which is what makes their oki incredible and Oni’s good but pretty high risk.


combowise i think i would agree that most dont use his optimum combos, example: most oni’s punish with a tc2>slash>fadc, which is not good because st.hp>slash>fadc does way more damage and stun, ive preety much explored all possible combinations and this is the best way to start a punish

random note: his b.mp opens up some great counter hits, mix it up with a kara throw and you got yourself a mindgame


I know people say his Shoryu isn’t FADC-able, but I know you can do it after the second hit. Haven’t played with Oni as much as I’d like, but I assume there are certain limitations to this?


When they say “it isn’t FADC’able”, they’re referring to the fact that it can’t be done on block (which every other Shoryu in the game can). This means that he cannot safely stop pressure-- it is always a guess. You are correct though, you can do it if it connects on the second hit. So basically, it’s a only combo extender and not a get out of jail card.


I thought Oni wasn’t worth maining since he is banned at tournaments anyways?!


Ah fair enough. Guess I never even noticed that. Need more Oni experience. Maybe I’ll run him at a tournament tonight. Couldn’t hurt, since I’d be running random otherwise. >_>


I’ve seen one really good Oni player so far online and he played more mindgames with his opponents that I ever could with Abel. It’s hard to tell where he will be when played right. Downright scary rushdown character.


I think oni is a pretty good character. He might have some sub par normals but he has the tools to do very well.