• Seems like he has normal or slightly less than average vitality, Zangief’s full ultra 1 does 55% dmg from full health

  • Far standing MP and HP cancellable into specials, combos into QCF+LK

  • f+FP can stop 1 hit fireballs during it’s active frames.

  • LP -> far HP cancelable

  • st.HK or F+MK Kara cancel to throw, slightly shorter range than Ken’s Kara throw

  • cr.HK slower and more recovery than Akuma, doesn’t combo from LK Tatsu

  • QCF+P; Fireball that travels about 75% of screen, then disappears. Can be held like Gouken’s, then it does 2 hits and goes full screen. EX acts like a fast 2 hit fireball, can be combo’d from c.MK

  • HCB+P; Electric fireball, has same properties as Akuma’s HCB+P fireball. EX is faster, more damage?

  • DP+P; Standard Akuma DP. Close standing 3 hits, FADC is best on the 2nd hit.

  • QCF+K; Rushing spinning punch; Cannot combo after knockdown in corner?
    LK - Automatically does attack, no dash. No knockdown, Only combos from clHP
    MK - Quarter screen dash, then performs attack. Knocks down
    HK - Half screen dash, then attacks. Crosses through opponent up close
    EX - Goes through fireballs, HK distance, knocks down.

  • QCB+K; Hurricane kick identical to Akuma’s. Knocks opponent farther away, cannot DP or trip follow ups

  • DP+K; Jumping attack, hits high, large hitbox. EX version counts as overhead.

  • j.QCB+P; LP air dashes forward, MP performs downward attack, HP air dashes backward. Air dashes have minimum height and perform damaging attack on startup frames. No follow up attacks available.

  • Ultra 1 Metsu Hadoken; Standard fireball ultra, does good damage.

  • Ultra 2 Messatsu Goshoryu HCFx2 PPP; Full animation deals 50% dmg t Zangief at full health. Non-animation deals 20% to full health Zangief and works as anti-air. Invincibility?