Onimusha Blade Warriors Thread..bout damn time

Has anyone else besides my friends and me really get to play this game? This game was extremely well done, and it had tons of replayability.

It also had some depth going with it due to the presence of the unforgiving “Issen”. Sooner or later I will have to fid a way to get a hold of this game. 4 player experiene was really intense, and it brought a lot of mindgames to the table. Especially most of all the positioning of your character for nasty traps, and setups to force them to make a mistake in order for you to soul steal from them.

I think to a certain degree Megaman EXE, Gargant, Nobunaga, and I think maybe a few other characters were most definitely top tier. Umm… Ekei I think was also very dangerous due to his spear’s shoryuken had the potential to hit you twice, and hit behind him because of the wide-ass hitbox. Ekei also outranged most of the character roster. His big problem was he is very laggy, and is a very big target. Magoichi was most likely mid-tier because his keepaway game as so amn vicious, but his close-up game wasn’t really all there. Altthough my homeboy had many ways of going around his weaknesses in order to annoy me with his bullet poking tactics. I didn’t really play the game that often to really study the game mechanics on what was really gay, and what wasn’t. But I defintely remember being annoyed by Kaede, Zero, and Megaman EXE a lot. Kaede had some freakng deadly ass mix-ups especially off of her stun-kick, and her speed. I thnk that the spider demons were faster than her…I really need this gme back. I’m planning on looking for it today.

The “Issen” sort of balanced the game out IMO though. A well timed block-parry Issen or a risky Issen could change the tide very easily. I wonder if stun-kicks could be Issen’d? Discuss.

Pretty sure different combos had breaks in them that could be blocked.

Like you couldn’t do hit,hit,hit to shoryuken to hadouken, since the shoryuken could be blocked.

You had to throw in kicks to mix it up and break guards. Some people could only do a shoryuken to hadoken while facing the left or right side of the screen. Pretty sure this was true of Megaman. But I’m also sure that Megaman had a charge shot that he could shoot after his Shoryuken. But also I’m pretty sure he could walk slightly forward after unleashing a shoryuken to make sure that his hadouken would hit when he was facing the left side.

Anyway the best was Nobunaga. Megaman and Zero were solid as was Musashi. Probably high tier. Everyone else was pretty much below those four.

And I agree. This game was solid. Although I would have prefered throws over kicks, but that made things more interesting actually.

Also,dude. How could you not vote for psychic force 2012 in the UFGL thread?

That makes me sad.


I would have but…I saw Project Justice…FORGIVE ME SEMPAI!!!

All i can say is megaman bug style for the win.

Well, if that’s how you feel. i can’t argue it’s your opinion. I look forward to see how many posts I’ll get in this thread lol.

I wanted this game to have a scene for a long time. Since it’s one of the few team fighting games I played in a long time besides MvC1 on Dreamcast.

As you probably know I’m a HUGE Capcom fanboy. I own this game, however even I couldn’t really get into it or what they were going for, meshing Onimusha with a fighting game. In the end, it’s more Onimusha than fighter when I wish it was the other way around.

I don’t think it’s all bad though, the MM cameos were nice. Who didn’t love seeing Samanosuke and Jubei come together and join forces lol I got that same feeling when I saw Ryu and Cyclops shake hands in X-Men vs. Street Fighter years ago. :lovin: Onimusha 4 states the two did meet, but I doubt any of Blade Warriors is canon, two many dead people running around for it to fit lolerooney! Perhaps just their meeting happened and that’s it. :looney:

If it were more of a traditional fighter and less of a Smash Bros type of game (seriously maang big hammers have no place in Onimusha har har) and possibly removed stages like “Beat 16 Enemies” and replaced them with more typical “Beat this character” it might of been a better transition for me in single player mode. Versus mode wasn’t so bad.

Nobunaga made a bad ass final boss though, on the highest difficulty he was pretty beast.

I still play it now and then for kicks.

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams is my favorite Onimusha game. BTW. CRMK / Bengus actually did the character designs, Ono (Street Fighter 4 producer now) worked on the game and there were Street Fighter costumes you could unlock. Lots of goodness in that game. :smile:

Dawn of Dreams was too epic.

Sad ending, but fitting.

I could not find this game anywere. I will continue to search for it.


I still cant find any vids of this game I’ll keep searching

that game is garbage i played it and didnt like it…just my opinion :slight_smile:

Nobunaga’s nowhere near top, IMO. Too many breaks in his combos which makes it easy to parry and counterstrike, let alone timing a Critical to knock off a fuckton of health. Had hella good range and did awesome damage, though.

Top Tiers were Megaman, Zero and the Gargant, easy. Others had good tools, and could be nasty in the right hands, no doubt, but those three just had way too many ways to crush most anyone else they fought.

Gargant had guard breakers left and right, not to mention combos that could guard break you within seconds, and a lot of his harder hitting moves didn’t have much to worry about in the way or recovery time. His hits put you into more than enough hitstun for him to finish his combos anyway he saw fit, and if you so happened to be playing with items on, and he got his hands on a Red Soul, it immediately becomes a choice of either A) “Everybody get that nigga!”, or B) “Run, nigga, run!”

Megaman…what doesn’t he have in comparison to everybody else? No matter which form he’s in, he’s quick when it comes to movement, not to mention having his buster to fire at an opponent from damn near anywhere on the battlefield. I agree with the fact that the Bug form beats out his other forms, because while his charge shot effects are random, all but one of them are hella effective. He has charge shots that can follow you regardless of how much level hopping you do; you either have to have the shots hit something or another opponent, and that isn’t liable to happen. What’s more, if the first shot isn’t gone by the time he charges again, he can shoot off another which will also track you, and one more after that, three being the max.

Zero is top, too, having almost all the bonuses that Megaman has. He’s just a bit slower with his melee strikes, and he lacks a homing shot. He can, however, fire multidirectional shots with a full charge, and his kick->slide is almost as quick as Megaman’s, making it easier for him to land down attacks. His dashing attack is FAST, and recovers quickly, and his charged sword slash is also almost as good at guardbreaking as a couple of the Gargant’s moves.

Musashi is somewhere around high/mid, IMO, his biggest advantage being his in-close fighting ability, and the amount of hits he can put on any one opponent without them having a counter attack opportunity should the first hit connect.

omfg I was just playing this last night…kinda fun I have to be honest.

What were Megaman’s modes called again?
EX, Ground, and/or what? =/

He had Normal mode, Ground mode and Bug mode. There’s always a dispute about which mode is best for him to use on the off chance a discussion for this game comes up, but IMO, it goes Bug, Normal, Ground. Ground’s a good style, too, not being too different from his other styles, but he moves a bit more slowly. Also, his dashing attack gets multiple hits, but it doesn’t knockdown until the second hit, plus it’s slower coming out, which makes it easier to see coming and guard against.

Personally, I like playing with the extra weapons and whatnot on…that is, until Zero gets his final Z-Saber. Even if I main him in this, that thing is cheap as all hell, what with having a random instant kill effect to it. You could be starting your combo, and suddenly they’ll see all their health depleting slowly on the first hit.

Well Zero is well deserving of the top spot I think.
But I wouldn’t know. So about absorbing the orbs? Do
different characters have different values concerning having
an advantage over another character. Or does is that feature even
for all characters? =/

If you mean as far as absorbing goes, yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s dependent on who has the higher magic strength stat-wise, but don’t quote me on that. It seems to me that characters that have high magic have less of a struggle trying to pull orbs towards them when in a tug-o-war with other characters over them.

In a free for all, I like to attack a random person while everybody is tug-o-warring xD

My friends do that shit. All the time. Unless you’re just trying to annoy somebody in particular, I wouldn’t recommend doing that unless the person you’re attacking is near death so that you can just take their place. Whatever souls they drop, you’ll get those right away, though you’re likely gonna be giving up the orbs they were fighting over in the first place to somebody else in the process.

Marcellus-S is really good. He’s bound to be high-mid. He moves like molasses, but he guard crushes super easy and he’s the only one with weapons long enough to allow a horizontal strike that can hit an opponent on a parallel plane, as well as the capability to strike down more than one person with his dashing attack thanks to the fuckton of range he utilizes.

Noted. But then again, I didn’t play OBW that much =P
Nor was I trying to win >.<
But if there are exploits that should be mentioned, I’m ready to take notes on that,
and on other things =P