Onimusha Night of Genesis manga translated by Studio Udon

This book came in on Wednesday and is in stores now. I really liked how it told more of the back stories of Soki and Jubei-Akane. It’s presented right to left and the Japanese sound effects are in place with their English translations next to them in small letters. A very good read, reminded me of a little Inu Yasha plus Berserk, without all of the uber mature stuff in Berserk, but yes people get killed of course! Anyway, can’t wait for volume 2 in the Fall.

And hopefully Udon will translate more Capcom mangas down the line, cough cough Ryu Final cough cough :rofl:

Any place you recommend to buy it?

Pretty much all the comic shops I frequent still have it, you should check with them first.

I saw it in my comic store…but I haven’t picked it up yet…guess I’ll check it out…