Oni's Black Hole Palm

Hi Oni-players,

I’ve made a quick vid, so nuff talking. I hope it turns out useful, who knows?
Enjoy :slight_smile:


interesting, i will take this into the lab with me tonight i think :slight_smile:

neat but it doesnt work on the twins or fei so it wont be something I need. something about AE made my entire scene switch to twins

The thread title made me think you found something like Hakumen’s void.

Black Hole Palm? The thread should be called Oni’s Teleport Palm.

Can you say stun reset?

interesting, but seeing as how close you have to be… I would find this hard to use this. be nice to see what people can do with it!

Haha, that’s a good guess :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve already used f+HP cancels for surprise throw, maybe only once in a match if at all, and the times i did fight one of the 7, they blocked the wrong way crouching and I used simple c.lk, c.lp, c.hp, hk.tatsu for easy hitconfim.

Very neat find! I’d feel really iffy about using it with 4 meters though :(.
Isn’t f+HP: 12f startup, -9f on block?