Oni's BnB Help

I have a little bit of an issues with Oni’s Crouching Lk, Lp, Hp combo. Is it a 2 frame link? how many people can do it with out fail on a controller?

I’m practising it non stop for like an hour, to get it down, any tips to get my muscle memory to learn faster?

you can plink hp with either mp or lp. That might help.

well i use a controller… does my 3 punch button count as a plinking? I doubt it, but if it did that would be cool.

oh and for those who don’t know, if you wanna do the <- mp hp target combo, just hold back and hit the 3 punch button twice.

No, it wouldn’t but lp or mp ~ ppp should work (as long as HP would do more damage). I think. Can anyone confirm?

yeaaaa, i can’t plink with a controller, hell i can prob not do it wit a fight stick.

The best way to learn combos is to not make new threads and post in the stickies.

Seriously, though. It’s a 2 frame link just time it. If you don’t see the the fierce come out, you’re pushing the button too early, and if it’s blocked you’re pushing it too late.

well derp, of course im pushing it to late or 2 early if it isnt coming out, and i didnt really care about learning a new combo, i just wanted to know the frame info and if people use the combo often with controller, the rest is just added stuff for people who don’t know the first 2 answers.

Its 2 frames and it is easy enough to combo without plinking. double tapping will make the combo easiest, and plinking will turn the 2 framer into a 3 framer and if you cant land that, then this game isnt for you. Just go into training mode and practise like the rest of us, it wont take long to get it down, like 20 minutes max…

Theory Fighter
You should be able to plink with controller in this situation. Button priority makes it so when you press c.PPP you’ll get c.HP so press c.PPP then plink LP or MP. Pressing c.PPP followed by c.HP should result in a double tap.

plinking is a bad habit

How is plinking a bad habit? Lots of pros plink all the tight links it make sense to. If it helps, do it, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

well derrr of course im going to practise, i know how to play the game, i just don’t know to much about frame data and sheet, i actually spent like 3 hours practising it lololol

prob mainly cuss i was talking to my friend the whole time and i was also practising the FADC into mp hp target combo as well as a few other things.

Plinking is a bad habit because it only works in a very small minority of games - just the SF4 series as far as I know. As such, it’s not a skill you can expect to take with you, unlike solid execution. There’s no need to plink to hit 2- or even 1-frame links consistently either, you just have to learn the timing.

That said, if SF4 is all you play there’s really no reason not to plink, as it reduces the amount of effort you have to put into combos. It is very similar to using :df::d::df: as a shoryuken motion.

On the first question:
Is this really a 2 frame link? that sounds a bit tight and even i can do it absolutely consistent. This is weird cause is got this game since friday and its my first street fighter…ever…okay i got alpha max on the psp, but never played it>_>
I started with cammy and her cr.lk,cr.lp,st.HP was indefinitely harder for me, wich means its a 1 framer? i dont think so.

A different question:
Why are w using cr.lk,cr.lp,cr.Hp HK tatsu/shoryu? It does only 173 damage(the tatsy version and does 330 stun. in comparison to cr.lk,cr.lp,TC2,tatsu, which does 245/372, its puny. I know it doesnt hit crouchers, but even cr.lk,cr.lp.cr.mp,tatsu does 205/320. why would one trade 10 points of stun for 30 more damage?
its only usefull if you use cr.Hp to combo into lk slash cause that actually does more damage.
still that doesnt make it viable as a BnB.

That combo IS supposed to end with LK slask because it can be FADCed into another string which should go for max damage, its -2 on block allowing options afterwards too, Shoryuu should be used at the end of punish combos and tatsu is good for hit confirm and pushing people to the corner.

What im saying is that its not always about damage, its about putting yourself in the best position to control the match and staying there. Shoruuken is max dmg but leads to techable knockdown, tatsu and slash are much better zoning tools.

You guys make it sound like plinking is hard.

Plink harder, son.

Plinking is a good habit in SF4, but it’s a bad habit in fighting games; you can’t plink in Blazblue and get the same results as SF4. But, we’re playing SF4, so that point is moot (since we’re doing SF4 combos).

You can plink HP~3Ps, but I strongly advise against the use of the 3P button. There’s no problem in using it if you’re on a pad or something, but I’d suggest against using it if you play on stick.

Tatsu ends with better positioning (i.e, closer to the corner). If you don’t understand this concept, though (and no problem with that), go for the bigger damage.

I disagree wholly on the entire “do not learn to plink” concept.
It’s a crutch, but a helpful one.

As for not being able to do it in other games; who cares?
For each game you have to learn it fresh, I come from GG/BB and learned about plinking in one day coming to SF.

Maybe its because I come from execution heavy games, but it’s not like I magically try to plink in any others, just like I’m not accidentaly trying to press hk or focus when playing mvc3.

I come from GG/BB as well. I’m not really sure you can call BB execution-intensive, but GG definitely helped me learn to be precise with my inputs.

I was mostly just giving a reason for what xvynx said - if you plink, you might be less likely to develop the precision needed to hit a 1 frame link reliably because the window is larger, but it will certainly make some combos easier to learn. Overall, I think it’s a matter of preference. If you can do your combos consistently without plinking, why would you? If it helps your consistency, do it.

Yeah I agree, it just seems like any extra crutch especially in clutch moments could prove fruitful.

For example; Nemo plinks, and I’m fairly certain he doesn’t need to.