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!!!Please if you upload videos, try to make it relevant to the combos,scenarios and resets I discuss in the thread. You are more than welcome to upload videos completing the combos below. I will like the help of you guys to make a tutorial video, since there are now challenges for the four new fighters. I would like with you permission to edit, small clips with the combos below. If you interested, I’ll discuss it more via messages (please don’t post in the thread saying you’re interested)!!!

First and foremost, I’m not into putting a damage rating into this combo design. Don’t care about that stuff. There comes a point when you need to focus more on versatility than damage scaling. I understand it helps to decide which combos you want to you in you competitive game, but I think it takes away from the general flow of the game. I think this game is meant to be played a little more free flowed with a bit of strategy. Plus, i really don’t want to memorize all the damage each combo does. That’ll probably be all I think about while I play, which kind of ruins it for me.

This thread was compiled over a matter of a few days of practice and research. I started this thread before I could watched any Oni videos. I wanted to try something different this time. I wanted to see what I could do on my own before I started looking into the community for help. Long story short, I don’t have internet at my house (I have to go to a coffee shop to connect), so I have not had the opportunity to fight online yet. I have discovered some sick combos and a couple, I emphasize a couple, resets as well. I think I’ll keep the resets to myself for now.

I usually hate reading the inputs for moves so, Im’ gonna try to simplify some of them. Instead of writing each combo finisher, it will be the basic combo followed by a =>. Then after that, it will be whatever variation after that separated by a /. The period will signify a regular follow up. A | (vertical bar) will separate the last move in the combo. The period will signify a regular follow up. I will try to leave a brief summary of each combo below:

!!!Any of the following combos can be jump into with any arial attack!!!

What I think is the BnB of hit confirming is first:
3 light attacks then his target combo 1 (I sometimes mix up by crouching for 2 hits, then stand for one light) => L/M/H/EX Tatsu |/M/H/EX hadouken.Fadc (ex hadouken doesn’t knock down) | L/M/H/Ex Shoryuken.fadc| Lslash.Fadc | Lslam

Another hit confirm that I really like using is a very useful is:
2 light attacks.Targert combo 2 => L/M/H/Ex Tatsu | L/M/H/Ex Houden.Fadc |L/M/H/Ex Shoryuken.fadc| Lslash.Fadc / Lslam :

2 light attacks.SBMP(standing back medium punch) => SMK | SMK 1s(1st strike).L/M/H/Ex Tatsu | SMK 1s.L/M/H/Ex Hadouken.Fadc |SMK 1s.L/M/H/Ex Shoryuken.fadc | SMK 1s.Lslash.fadc | SMK 1s.Lslam
------The tightest part of the combo is the connection between SMK 1s and whatever comes after. The timing for SBMP.SMK 1s is a little delayed.

My favorite mix up is the next one. It takes a little practice to finesse, especially I the heat of a high pressure fight, but it looks pretty sick.

SBMP.SBMP=> SMK | SMK 1s.Fadc | SMK 1s.L/M/H/Ex Tatsu | SMK 1s.L/M/H/Ex Hadouken.Fadc |SMK 1s.L/M/H/Ex Shoryuken.Fadc | Lslash.Fadc | Lslam
------You can follow up SBMP.Target Combo 2=> L/M/H/Ex Tatsu | L/M/H/Ex
------you can also substitute the first SBMP for a cMP.
Hadouken.Fadc | Lslash.Fadc | Lslam
------You can also SBMP.Target combo 1 (again I don’t know if you can connect the SMK or SMK 1s)=> L/M/H/Ex Tatsu | L/M/H/Ex Hadouken.Fadc | Lslash.Fadc | Lslam

A bad ass string that can be mixed is:

SBMP.cHP (I’m unsure if you can combo SMK 1s afer the cHP, I just though of the possibility)=> L/M/H/Ex Tatsu | L/M/H/Ex Hadouken.Fadc| L/M/H/Ex Shoryuken.Fadc | Lslash.Fadc | Lslam

!!!End Arial Combos!!!

*** I just saw a video by Desk and saw that he managed to link 3 SBMP (2SBMP.Tatrget combo 2). I have tried and failed. If it is possible it will be a very tight string. I also saw him use an Ex Slash.FAir Dash.Ex Tatsu.U1 (air). Prior to this, I was trying to fadc.shoryukens into this. I am also trying to catch people when they jump with a mid air dash.tatsu. It doesn’t seem to work so far. I can connect the Mair dash, but not the tatsu. I’ve tried different variation of jump height and haven’t connected yet. I’ve also tried connecting that while the opponent is standing and have yet to connect. I tried this thinking that it won’t combo, but if you hit the right angle, you can keep pressure on the opponent.***

A secret weapon that Oni now has that Ryu (akuma as well, but could never pull his off at will) had in SSFIV, is what I call “The Tempest”. In SSFIV Ryu could connect his over head with a cLP.Ex Tatsu. A lot of people don’t know that. Its a tight connection, but well worth it. I usually pulled it of after a Focus attack so I could get in real close to the opponent. The reason this is awesome is because for some characters, after the Ex tatsu, the opponent wouldn’t get flung across the screen but rather would just end up on the opposite side of Ryu allowing Ryu to keep a stationary pressure on the opponent. Plus it happens so fast that it’s hard to block against giving it a psychological advantage over the opponent. I usually consider the moment the opponent lands from the Ex Tatsu, to be “The Eye of the Storm”. It’s up to you guys to figure out Oni’s, but he does have one! Food for thought, you can’t jump in to string it together.

There are two specific moves in which you can reset with Oni!
Variation of the Resets give you pressure options (more than just close range like a demon flip).
1 tip: use SFMK(standing forward medium kick) after a reset to get close and keep block string pressure in the corner (a lot of people will start to expect slash move).
I see a lot of people Using combos to keep pressure, there are also target combos and a kick ass SMK.

Oni does have great block string pressure in certain situations.
Corner Scenario Block String:

It’s upto you to figure out the reset types. My favorite thing about Oni is his surprise corner pressure. I like it cause you don’t even really need to combo stuff together because of his quick start up and recovery. I’ve read that people believe him not to be a rush down character. I think the opposite. So far from what I’ve experienced, he has a great pressure game. I try to stay away from conventional block stringing (when in a corner) i.e.: cLp.cLp.clk.cMP.hadouken I recommend trying to start the string with maybe 2 or 3 clattacks then hit a SLk.SMK.SMK.SFMK or something to that effect. It’s a good mix up for the corner. The Hardest part I’ve found about the block string is, it’s hard to judge a counter attack.

Fun little set up to try:
Reset.L/M/H (no ex) Hadouken (hold till fully charged).FAir Dash.Tatsu (good way to keep distant pressure

I do have to say that I do not like his shoryuken. I am not a big fan of certain scripted moves especially in the case that the only difference between L/M/H/Ex is damage. They only reason I do like it, is because I don’t like it. The fact that I don’t like it, keeps me from using it a lot. Which is what I think Capcom maybe wanted. Plus you can’t fadc on block. I’ve been watching videos and see that people still use it a lot. Any good player will be able to string it together in any variation, but for me I think I will only use it with target combos. It just seems to make it easier to hit confirm into, of course that could just be an issue with my skill level. I think that over all, risk versus reward should be taken into consideration when using this move. I fell too vulnerable with it, not to say I won’t or don’t use it, I just believe it should be used wisely. But then, execution is everything.

It seems that even though you can not fadc his shoryuken on hit until the second hit, but so far it seem every other punch or kick can be fadc’d (can’t: SMK,SFMK,SFMP,Tatsu; ?(haven’t tried)cAttacks). SMK 1s can be fadc’d.

I don’t know how other people feel about this, but I may objectively use Oni for Fadc’s. Don’t get me wrong, I think his super is sick, but I think it’s more to scare the opponent into a corner or keep them from jumping. I would try to strategize around that. I will definitely use it in a situation where I know I can get the opponent, but I think it’s stronger as a psychological tool than anything else. It’s crazy because you can either Air dash cancel or jump in any direction into super.

I like to use Target combo 1 variations when I’m trying to move forward and target combo 2 variation while crouching and blocking as a counter attack.

Target Combo 1 is actually great for block stringing as well!

It’s not a great Idea to put tips up about your strategy, but I’d like to see a different usage of Oni from what I’ve seen. Plus I have a totally different xbox live gamertag. I know that when it comes to ranked matches, you have to play a little different, but for those who like playing crazy, try some of the longer combos I’ve listed. Tight connections, but look awesome.

Please message me on any corrections in spelling or grammar.

These combos can obviously be strung together into any variation.

I think his SBMP is a good stuffer at a medium close range, won’t always connect, but I found myself in a situation, where I kept inputing it a close range, and would get hit by wake up Ultras. So I started move about half an inch away from the opponent and input it. They started whiffing Ultras. Plus, if they were to come towards me with and attack, it would generally stuff them. Time it right and you stuff the hell out of supers.

There are a few other link that I know you can do:

cMP.cMP.?(tried unsuccessfully)cHK

That’s write! Read it and take Heed!

Your notation could use severe revising. Also, S.F.MK should be F.MK, the S is part of the F. Why not use :f::mk:?

Good stuff, however.

I don’t really have photos to use. Plus the way I wrote it is much easier. It doesn’t seem like you really read anything, because I actually explain the way I right it out in the paragraph before the combos. I’m also more interested in wether or not the string helped and not in the way I wrote it.

The way you wrote it is not “much easier.” What’s easier is using a convention that the entire street fighter community adheres to.

I wrote it with the intention of actually getting people to read it, not just browse my thread.

Tryin’ to help, brah. You don’t want advice to broaden your readership or improve communication, then that’s your choice.

Thanks, but clearly you didn’t read what I wrote. It’s written like this for a reason. Much like guitar tabs, there are many ways to write them, but each way works better for a different person. If you can understand what I’ve written or have questions on it, I’d be more than happy to chat about that.

sooo you try to encourage people to read your wall of text by making it harder to read huh?

I did read what you wrote. I had trouble following your unique, personal take on notation. I thought it had a lot of good stuff in it.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Any part in particular you like’d?

Pretty much. I’ve posted on other forum sites using the “right” way of combo notation. I got fed up, because I never got any responses or the ones I wanted anyways and I got sick of all the “thanks” messages. So far not a single post has been off topic, in other words every reply has pertained to my text. Which is what I wanted.

I liked how, apparently without reading the Oni Combos thread, you managed to replicate a lot of those combos on your own, and took the time to generate a notation all your own to document them, and put them out there for the community to try to read and enjoy! That shows initiative.

Thanks for the flattery. I can’t play via xbox live just yet, so, I’ve got to occupy my time somehow. Most of the stuff I’ve come up with has been on my own. I just started watching videos about 4 days ago. Anyways, I actually meant to ask where there certain parts of the text you liked, as in the resets, pressure or whatever. FYI I actually write specific combonations like everybody else, I just got tired of having to write generally same combos 5 or 6 different times. I tried to come up with a what to write variations of similar combos. I’ve got a few more that I’ve thought of, but I’ve been too busy to play. I can’t lie there’s not a minute in the day that goes by that I’m not thinking about possibilities.

Harder to focus out of but nothing big.

What in the hell.

Also aside from missing the whole point of combos, this is a disorganized stream-of-consciousness mess. You are using a made-up combo notation that no one can easily read. You talk about and poll about Oni’s shoryuken for seemingly no reason. If you have a point you want to make, focus on that and make it, don’t ramble about literally everything you can think about Oni, no one wants to read that.

Yep. I made it through almost half of it and just had to stop. It really is just rambling. We already have a combo thread. Read it. If you come up with something new then let us know. We don’t need whatever this thread is.

what a fuckin mess.

this thread wont make it.


Break it down into an outline format. Then it will be easier to read.

good luck learnin japanese