Oni's Kanji

I’m trying to draw an Oni related image and I’m having a hard time getting a decent snapshot of the symbol that appears behind Oni when he KOs someone with his Shun Goku Satsu.
Anyone have any clear images?

it’s not the same as akuma’s? did not notice that

Yar, you can see it partially here at 1:10

It has Akuma’s ‘Ten’ on the left, but it’s the portion on the right I can’t make out fully.

I’ll try and help. I can see All of it, but some since oni’s fatness is blocking it >:[
I can probably make guesses on what it’s all supposed too look like together.
Edit: Ight, since you’re doing a drawing. All I can say is. Draw as much as you can of it that you can see, and i’ll fill in the parts you’re not sure of. It will be terrible looking, but it should give you an idea.

Wait till the pc version hits you can get some high res screenshots then. (or well I can post them for you once it hits if you can wait that long lol)

Didn’t someone say it was “King” or something to that effect?


I think this is it the kanji symbol for Soul. I could be wrong though.

ive read on the japanese boards that some people couldnt read the kanji, though from the japanese wiki its said that its probably a combination of the kanji god and demon 神 and 鬼 (with some modification)

god and demon look pretty correct. can’t tell cause of the hit detection effects durring the raging demon, but Demon is almost completely visable

god & demon


in game

Here ya go.

Onis kanji translates to AWESOME

yeah i think this thread is done lol

my japanese lab mates also agree that its a combination of god and demon

it probably doesnt matter, but the left sign itself is the shortform of “altar”. its in quite a few other kanjis etc.
so it symbolizes something like worshippng the demon

thats cooler than god demon for sure