Onlike makes me sad :(

Takes FOREVER to find a fight, when I do they are higher level, and GASP Hakumen. 90% of my 60 online matches have been Hakumen city. No exaggeration it’s fucking idiotic.

When I do get a different character it’s mash city, and of course the Hakumens don’t even do combos or D. It’s just smack C and shoulder check non stop.

I also keep having 3/10 times my Hazama will chain in to my enemy and land facing backwards, so that my ass is towards my enemy and I can’t block. Basically I go to follow up the chain that hit and I’m getting torn up. :confused: I’ve had a Tager walk at me backwards.

This is getting to be a bit stupid, because my character(hazama) doesn’t have a broken way as far as I can tell to beat people, but 90% of the rest of the cast does. 2 of the Hazamas I fought against though don’t even bother attacking after they get a few hits and the life lead. They just chain and run away even tho they are getting a negative penalty. I keep trying to catch them but it’s near impossible.

I just also really hate the long time it can take to find fights. I pick quick matches and it still takes forever. Is there a faster way to find ranked games? I’ve given up any hope of being “good” at this game or having a nice win ratio above 50.

What’s everyone elses online experience thus far?

Haven’t had your particular online experiences, what are your preferences set to?

As far as Hazama goes, best thing he has going for him aside from his movement options is that you can instant block a lot of moves into his Hotenjin kick super. Against most online players that repeat the same block strings over and over (I’m raising my hand right now I’m super free lol) learning to do this will get you far on defense. Learn his combo off that, and people will either chill the fuck out on rushing your shit down, or they’ll keep eating supers. As for the cast seeming to be broken… I mean are you coming from SF4? A lot of characters in a lot of games will seem overwhelming if the majority of your experience is with that dry ass game, lol. The balance is nowhere near as bad as it was with the first game’s top 3.

EDIT: also for runaway Hazamas, he’s only got two snakes to use before he lands. If you play Hazama yourself you should be familiar with his movement options, predict where he’s going to land and meet him there. If he’s catching you on the way down, either find a move that can beat his airs out, or come in from above with a jump as he’s falling. Or just time a chain to hit him when he lands from a safe distance. You’ve got way more options to consider in this game than in SF4, movement wise and really just overall.

The above guy is right on the SF4 comments. If you’re coming from any SF game, you’re used to slow paced gameplay with many characters who play similar to one another with very limited movement options. BB and other such games can be overwhelming at first due to this, especially because of the movement but also because of the completely unique playstyles. It just takes some time to adapt to.

I know that didn’t answer your question but figured it was a good thing to post for those who are struggling seeing as the above poster touched on it.

I like the tips so far and yeah I want to give this game a chance since I really like playing as Hazama.

It’s just really frustrating right now not know when to do what and how to go about footsies. I went from a 56% win ratio down to below 40. If I try to match myself against similar ranked opponents I never find a game. I’ve also now encountered some bug where it will not tell me the other opponents information on a card at all, so the same people who beat me tend to come back 3+ times to get their free wins. :confused:

I also think it’s idiotic this game lets people use beginner mode in online ranked. A lot of this game seems to spoon feed noobs and not encourage getting better. I’ve personally been going at it hard and learning my combos, anti air options, combos into supers, etc. Hazama works hard to get good damage out since he can’t really spam like a maniac.

I won’t give up just yet, but between the taking forever to finding games, tons of mashers, beginner mode enabling allowed, and running into just Tager, Hakumen, and Ragna non stop it’s hard to fall in love with this game. :confused:

I’m with you, this is my first BB/GG type game as well and I’m coming from SF, Marvel, Tekken, SC4, etc.

I’ll add you and we can train. The beginner mode thing IS retarded, that’s why I always host and kick anyone who tries that garbage.

It’s not that everyone plays Hakuma, it’s that everyone is more experienced then us and they counter pick us. I play Noel and I almost exclusively play against Tagers and Hazuma, with a few Jin’s mixed in. When I switch my character so do they.

I’m sticking with it because I get a lot more satisfaction from this game, it’s much more complex then anything I’ve ever played before (Well Ivy SC4 was pretty complex).

Shout outs to Jos for the invite and the games. The people in the game were actually playing the game and doing some wicked combos. I just woke up so I was a bit rusty and dropping combos. Your Noel is scary stuff when she gets going. The two things I’d recommend is not to burst so early in matches, because you tend to burst with 80% health still remaining. It’s better to save it to near the end of rounds in case you get caught. The other thing I’d say is to not hit a button when you are guarding until enough space opens up for one of your faster/safer pokes to reach the opponent. Not sure what that is for Noel but I tend to do crouching A against Bang’s a lot who get on the offensive because I can beat out most of what they try to do with it. It’s also effective to mash out a bunch of crouching A’s as Hazama against Bang when they try to do their D to counter since you’ll be too fast for them to counter and they will take damage instead.

Other than that your high low mix ups are really good. Just pay attention to the clock since often rounds end in time outs, so if you see the clock is 30 seconds or less and you are not in the lead you’ll have to rush them down unfortunately.

I’m one of the few Hakumen I’ve seen on XBL. In fact, I’ve seen more Hazama and Ragna than anything.

same here, I haven’t seen any Hakumen players besides myself on PSN yet. Everyone is using Hazama…and using him badly.

how many tagers do u c ?

:stuck_out_tongue: I should’ve got the PS3 version then lol. My friend and I both tried ranked for a few hours while talking on Xbox Live and it was close to mirror matches for us. He’d fight a tager I’d fight a ragna, then it’d flip flop. Both of us got frustrated and decided to just play against each other till we got bored.

I think it might have to do with the area I live in.(Central USA) Since there isn’t much of a tourney scene in most of these states then the majority of people on XBL playing it might just be mashers. Who knows?

I think I’ve just decided to cave in and drop my Hazama. Doing his 18+hit combos with strict timing and such nets you like 2.9K damage, but characters like Ragna can dole that much out in just a few 5-7 hits. I guess Hazama just might be beyond me since I feel like I’m playing Crimson Viper. Tougher execution than the majority of the cast and you get broken in half very quickly on a mistake.

I am starting to enjoy the game more though now playing with friends who finally picked it up and some SRK members. I’m still miffed though it takes me FOREVER to find a game in ranked. :frowning: Oh wells dems the breaks. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why you get friends that play this game. Player matches are better by far than ranked.

And bursting early is an option too. This isn’t CT where you take tons of damage because you burst. It’s good for keeping momentum. Reno Bursting is somewhat applicable in this game as well.

I haven’t had any problem getting XBL ranked matches, I make a room and wait in training while i keep attempting to do the same falling j 2c combo and failing more often than not, and I get matched up pretty regularly.

As for competion, I face a pretty diverse group, sure it’s mainly noels, Ragna’s and Jin, but I’ve only faced one other true Hakumen player. My 2nd and only other Hak mirror was from a guy who I faced earlier and I guess he decided to mirror match the next game. And was worse with Hak than I am.

One thing I’ve noticed is that people seem so gung-ho for combo’s, that they forget about basic fundementals like spacing and footsie’s. I’m able to win the majority of my matches by using previous SF knowledge and by using a character that fits my playstyle of strong pokes.

In Street fighter, it’s not called being cheap by using strong footsie and pokes and spacing. but if i’m not pulling off double digit combo’s I’m called a scrub, even though I’m the one winning. Of course someone that can take max advantage of any combo oppertunity and has the fundementals down always wrecks me, but that is pretty rare to find in the early levels of players.

Seems to get into a match faster when in training mode. I suppose its ok seeing how the game doesn’t show how to do any combos even though most of them could easily end the match with 2 or 3 combos with certain characters or probably all for all I know…

Is this a troll post? Am I being trolled? the game doesn’t teach you combos? 2-3 combo’s for all you know?

My head hurts.

I haven’t tried online play just yet, however, I’m very disappointed to hear that Beginner Mode is enabled during ranked matches. If you’re a beginner and can’t do a combo to save your life, get off of Ranked Matches and go into Training. lol…

Another surprise is to hear the Hakumen and Tager users, both are quite spamable I suppose, but IMO they can both be punished pretty bad, especially Tager. Ragna doesn’t surprise me at all. But I would have thought people would be complaining about the Tier Whore Bang users?

Anyways, great to hear that you found some non douche/scrubs to play with. Keep up the patience with BB.

Tier riding in this game isn’t like SF where anyone and his mom was able to abuse Sagat in vanilla SF4. Bang becomes a monster only at high level play where people can do his longer combos to do the sick damage. I never have a big problem losing to someone who is really good at the game.

Just yesterday I was getting hosed by sick long combos by a Litchi and I was like,“finally! someone who is god like in ranked.” I had my enthusiasm quickly smashed as I noticed these long combos were being done by someone with beginner mode turned on. I was just blown away that the game would keep the combos going that long in beginner mode for you to pump out 3k+ damage with Litchi.

Also @ Bittersweet this game def. does show you how to do combos. Go into challenge mode because #3-10 are all things you should be able to pull off in a fight with your character to be considered a pro BB player. Generally #3-5 in there are your BnB combos and 6-10 are varied from intermediate to high level. I don’t know which character you are only seeing 2-3 combos destroying you with but if that’s true they must be very long ones that do a lot of damage. These are the ones that people should be praised for pulling off. :slight_smile:

My online experience with CT is quite OK. The way you can select your opponent in ranked matches is not cool in my opinion. Although I like playing higher level opponents.

My experience today was peculiar though…
I got a ragequitter that quit connection AFTER losing and BEFORE me receiving credit for it…
I never ever have been as pissed off online. Never.
So I messaged him on PSN that he was a:

He was german and his PSN was ieo88
Somehow I always have had similar experiences with germans…what’s up with those guys?!

Yes I agree that it’s unlike SF4 in the way Tier hoppers are not easy characters. However Calamity Trigger was very close, where if someone got owned on their main, they’d switch up to V-13. I didn’t play SF4 extensively, or at all online, so I can’t relate lol.

I also know exactly what you mean, in CT my friends cousin mained Litchi and would go ape shit on me for 40+ hits lol. It got frustrating the 10th time or so I played him though… lol. Of course you have to give guys like that credit though. If only I played GG back in the day, I might be able to keep up haha.

~double post

Haven’t noticed but is it possible to use unlimited characters in rank? Not sure if its worth playing story mode or not.