Online Abstinence


So for people who refuse to play Marvel 3 online why is that?
Is it just because of the lag factor or are there other reasons? I’m pretty curious.


The answer is pretty simple


Some people have such awful internet that it is unplayable (lag). Some people have trouble playing both offline and online, so they prefer to play offline. And some people say there’s too many scrubs online or that too many players taunt, teabag, and leave after winning one match (online community is awful).

I personally don’t have too big an issue with online, but I can see why some people dislike it. Something that bothers me much more is when people say “I’d body you, fraud.” to me, and then when I challenge them to a FT10, they say “I don’t play online.”


On top of what others have said, the settings are extremely limited and the user interface is dumb as shit


Fuck Online.


fixed #kappa


The online for this game is more or less unplayable. Given all of the stuff this game throws at you, it’s impossible to react to it with input lag as a factor. You really can’t take it seriously.


I like games to be fun and PS3 online Marvel isn’t fun, in fact its the opposite of fun which is suffering!


In addition to it’s technical problems, It’s also full of online only gimmicks and boring morons. I can’t stand more than short sets with people I know locally.


Mainly because I started playing online on the first PS2 / Xbox generation game which was CVS2 EO. I go to play a game 9 years later like UMVC3 and its the same shitty lag issues where you’re always stuck in 3 plus frames of lag and you have to always worry about dropping basic shit. Too old for 9 year old netcode.

You also can’t learn much about spacing or blocking thing on reaction since the game is already extremely fast and open ended. If people complain about what they can’t react to offline…there’s basically no reason to play the game online other than to learn quirky matchup/player tendency shit and leave.
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People that play Marvel exclusively online and take themselves seriously are worse than pedophiles.


The online is pretty laggy, but I happen to like the game and have no offline scene :sad:
That, and the online player base keeps up to date with all the tech.
Rarely do I see something new that isn’t done to me online within the next couple weeks.

I really wish something could be done to improve this game’s netcode. I used to think it was impossible because of the nature of the variable input delay netcode, but TTT2 has a pretty solid online experience. I don’t think a patch is ever coming though, and that is really sad :sad:


How bout we all hop off Capcom’s cock for a little while and play something else.

You know, Like DOA5.


basically, everyone thinks that it will give you “bad habits” because it’s not exactly the same as offline. i just think it makes it easier when you play offline. honestly, the connections in this game are all over the place.


I hate LAG and I hate Hulk/drones online.


I hate these lag tactic teams lol. Marvel already makes people salty, imagine the saltyness online. The thing is I can’t play offline cause none of my mates play fighters so I have to play online.

I does suck that I keep meeting the same 5 people in player matches in my region constantly like no one bought the game.


Once you play offline for any stretch of time it’s just painful to put up with what you have to put up with online.

You can still learn things from it and have a productive experience if you approach it correctly, but it’s just too irritating for me to bother most of the time. I typically only play online if somebody on my friend list asks me for a game.


I play both. Hell I play with some of the least lag friendly characters as well. *See avatar
I think it boils down to your connection and your ability to adapt. It can develop bad habits too
and mess up your timing in the other environment. I’ve seen some pretty badass combos done
consistently online.


I live in Chile, and even with Chilean players I have conection problems…


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