Online adjustments



All - I want to get much better with my Akuma… I realise that it’s a long journey and that he’s one of the more challenging characters to master, but am ready to commit to it. I used to be tournament level Ryu/DeeJay during SF2 but haven’t played in a while… hehe. Been lurking on SRK for a month or so and have learned LOADS, so a MASSIVE thanks to the contributors (esp. Muken, Lord, Gator, Shinakuma, LoyalSol, etc… :pray:).

However, I’m having some major problems playing online. I live in Hong Kong, and 90%+ of connections I get on PSN are 1 or 2 bars. Usually it’s playable, and if not then I get disconnected anyway. If I find a 3 or 4-bar connection I invite the other guy to my friends list :bgrin: Haven’t seen a 5-bar yet!!

My question is this: what adjustments do you guys make when playing in poor connections? I don’t want to not play online because of this, though I realise that it’s not optimal for improving my game, but I just want to get more games in online as the only time I can play is late at night after work.

Some adjustments I’ve had to make:

  1. No FADC combos: I’ve managed to get these to 70-80% offline, but realistically any SRK->FADC->Shaku or FB->FADC->XXX combos are unlikely to end well if you can’t see wtf is happening
  2. No hit confirms: Offline I go for cr.LP, cr.LK, crMP confirms before going into either FB or TSK combos. Online I settle for safe cr.MK->FB or cr.MK->ex.TSK type combos as I can’t confirm whether I connect the first hit and whether opponent is crouching/standing. I know I’m losing alot of damage but what to do?
  3. Less cross-ups: These are harder to time online I find, and often end up whiffing. Such a waste since ambiguous cross-ups are so strong in SF4.

Any thoughts? Appreciate any help…

Btw, sorry for my long first post. :blush:


1-2 bars? damn, that sucks. i always take 3 and above.

FADC combos are essential for akuma. i have never had any problems with these online, but i don’t take 2 bar connections either.

akuma sucks in lag, period.


Hey man no problem, this is a perfectly acceptable first post and it isn’t being demanding of the community or intrusive. Also you gave me props so you’re ok in my book.

1. No FADC combos
There’s only so much you can do with a 1 or 2 bar connection, so I feel you on this front. Still, I’d say keep at them even in these connections, because if you can perform them in high lag situations, it’ll only make your execution more on point.

2. No hit confirms
I hope you don’t mean c.LP, c.LK, and c.MP as a single hit confirm, as you can’t link a strong after a short. But you probably just mean the respective strings that start with the above normals. Once again just keep at it and your timing will only get better, and thus have a higher online success percentage. Hit-confirming in most cases scales back the damage of a combo, so although you’re taking risks by going into punishable normals, you’re getting a big damage payoff in the case that they aren’t ready for it. EX Tatsu is a phenomenal way to end short combos, it’s safe in a lot of cases and does monster damage.

3. Less cross-ups
Cross-ups are generally good, keep in mind that j.MK has an odd hitbox that whiffs on some crouching opponents, so that factored in with the lag can be a huge problem for your x-up game. Although it’s generally harder for noobies to cross up with j.LK, I’d recommend getting in the habit of it as even if it’s picky with the timing to combo, it’s also easier to land – and ambiguous to your opponent if they’re expecting a j.MK. I’d recommend the tatsu as a cross-up, but even I have trouble with that with any considerable amount of lag. Good luck mang!


^Lord your av sorta looks like an evil guile… Just throwing it out there.

Oh yeah on bad connections mash srk on block strings. and teleport alot with a touch of air fb’s. So basically play like a random and you should be fine.


I personally am horrible at dealing with input lag in even the smallest amount, I learn combo timing with visual cues and having to hit buttons earlier than I am supposed to really eats me up. I can barely consistently do rh link low short to tatsu online even though I am 100% on this off. If I practice online, I’ll get good at the links on there, but then if I go offline I won’t be able to play. The other day I spent like an hour in training mode practicing the jab -> roundhouse loop and by the time it was over I could do it to 3 reps with 70-80% reliability, then I try to play online and can’t do a single one period. It’s a pretty annoying situation when you live in an area where live competition is happening once or twice a month maybe.

There’s a pretty strong arcade scene in HK, I’d honestly advise using home version for training mode and visiting the arcade when you can. However if online is your main/only form of play and you are ok with having shitty timing offline, then just practice your combos online only until you learn all the new timings and stay away from training mode except just to confirm what does and doesn’t work.


I don’t use visual cues at all, it’s basically all audial/muscle memory. Playing without sound is almost a greater detriment to my gameplay than playing without visuals, if it weren’t for you know – having to see the game.


HK has lots of great people. I remember playing this laggy 2 bar HK dude that said “I f@#$ yo motha” everytime he lands a hit. After winning a match against my lag-handicapped Akuma, he proceeded to send me a voice message full of curses with chinese accent awesomeness.

Classy to the extreme. I use to accept 2-bar players just because I wanted to give em a chance to play. But after that display of pure class, no more players lower than 4-bars for me.