Online Akuma makin me Salty



I don’t know if this is common among the people here at srk, but online play on xbox live can be the most frustrating thing in the world. I’ve been playing Akuma for a long time now, and I feel I can play him very well. When me and a group of my buddies get together and play it is fun and I actually pull off good FADC combos and place my WotRD well. But when I get online it is a whole different world. I got to the rank of B with 5000 BP and about 1600 PP then all the sudden everything came crashing down.

I went from 5200 BP and around 1500 PP to 864 PP and 4674 BB in one session. Out o f 30 games I lost 18. Some of the loses were to players that were obviously new/bad but I don’t know what was going on.

I have trouble landing his BnB online mostly due to people turtling and poking constantly. I can land it when I get a good cross up or a demon flip kick but most of the time they just block my demon flip kick, which I try to tick throw them. I supposed being Akuma is a disadvantage online, seeing as literally 80% of the people I play against are Ken or Ryu.

I know I’m not the best Akuma in the world, but I feel like I should be doing better online. Anyone have any advice or experiences they would like to share about online gameplay? I’m just a little frustrated at the moment and I feel like there isn’t anything I can do to improve my Akuma game. Thanks.


Take a break; I dropped from 10k to around 9700ish and that was last week. Playing starcraft2 and red dead in the meantime.


The thing is, when you reach that 5000BP/1500~2000PP plateau (or “B” Ranking) you’re going to find that the point system changes a bit. Before, no matter what skill a player you beat was, you’d get a good amount of points. Now, the points only come when you beat someone who’s “more skilled” than you. If you beat someone who’s less skilled, you often get like 1 point for winning. Loose to someone who’s “less skilled” and you loose a huge chunk of points.

At one point, I was at 5300BP and 2000PP. Then in one day I went down to like 4200BP and 800PP. I’ve recently got it back up to 4400BP and 1200PP, but I don’t bother with ranked matches anymore. Not like it’s really important anyways. I’ve fought some peeps with barely 200BP/PP that were really good; they knew their footsies, didn’t rush in or jump in on you stupidly. If you want to keep in practice, I suggest you play Endless mode instead until you get your mojo back.


It sounds to me that you’re mostly playing against the player and not the character. In your case, you’ve perhaps developed workable strategies against your buddies that you play offline often and have weakened the adaptability aspect of your game when it comes to figuring out new opponent styles on the fly.

In order to improve on this you’re simply going to have to engage more players who use a variety of characters. Yes, you’ll lose BP and PP and so on doing this, but those are meaningless stats anyway. Forget about that nonsense and instead focus on aspects of your game that you can improve upon. No PP or BP figure will reflect this kind of focus, only you can gauge areas where you’re strong or weak.


I know how u feel, I’m using akuma too, I was at 5600bp and 2800pp, and now am down to 2000pp… Not like those numbers really make a difference for anything but it is frustrating when you lose to people who are obviously less skilled than you… like mettlehed said take a break, and play more endless battle, it’s less frustrating, you’ll get more games in and there’s nothing to lose… Gotta get your skill up if you wanna win…


same exact shit happened to me. With Akuma and Ibuki twice! My Akuma is still at about 4600 while my ibuki went from a B down to 2500 and a C+ back to a B at 5000 and is now at about 4000. Ive lurked these boards for a bit here and there but I decided enough was enough and just signed up last week to ask this question. It sucks I know. Youre gonna wanna go to custom and set it to more skilled and play there.


I bounce between C+ and B and it won’t stop until I stop losing to scrubby online shenanigans. I either give my opponent too much respect or too little respect and I don’t pay enough attention to what they’re actually showing me. Also I’m hopeless against some rarer matchups. I only play ranked because I figure it’s the only means of gauging my progress. Even if it means facing tons of random crap. But in all honesty, I should be able to defeat random mashers so… Not sure what I’m saying other than: I’m in the same boat but I accept this shitty boat as the means of getting to the shore.


Fighting scrubs online with akuma can get very frustrating…anyways, you’re probably simply not good enough and your offline buddies are even worse. 1200pp is nothing, a decent player can get those in maybe 1 hour. Things get rough in the 4k pp range, anything below that is just a joke if someone’s playing ranked on a semi-regular basis.

BPs are a TOTAL joke, getting to 10k+ is just a matter of grinding and in fact i’ve met MANY 10k bp players that were total crap. Like mashed lp srk followed by hp srk and random half screen ultras…or maybe they were just mindfucked but hey, they try to reversal 90% of the times on wakeup…it’s like impossible to do some mixups on those, just xup tatsu all day lol.


While i usually do really bad with the slightest lag (even yellow bar), Akuma is one of the characters i play the worst with lag. I usually only play Akuma when i get a green bar. Otherwise i’ll pick Gouken or other chars i like. I do dumb mistakes when the net is not good anyway but somehow doing them with Akuma pisses me off the most.


Yeah same here. Use rog when the connection isn’t perfect


Charge character is a better substitute under poor lag?


With his spammable jab and godlike normals + good stamina + free combo into ultra…yes.


same thing for me too
I went from 5000 to 4000 bp and winged like a bitch, fighting everything I could for an additional 7hrs just to get my score back
I’m now sitting at 5000bp and 3000pp but wont fucking touch tournament mode now, because as someone else stated

the points system is gaytarded

stick to endless rooms with 3-4 ppl and try to find people who’re 3000-4000pp. more fun, and the fights arent crazy lucky ultra2 scrubs


I hit 5k in ranked and retired. Endless battle all day.


Ranked really is a joke, but it’s the mode I play the most because I’m SO SICK OF WAITING TO PLAY ALL THE TIME.
This game is SuperWaitToPlay 4. So I just jump right into Ranked. And what I found is 1 out of 40 people will have a good connection. I lose a lot to just ridiculous, slide-show lag where it’s pointless to even play. When I search for games of Same Skill or More Skilled, I get like 2 or 3 people, with usually 2 bars or 3 (RARELY more than 3). When I search for ALL I get tons of results, but then I’m playing people that are new, have never played before, really don’t offer competition, etc. And I really rather play against someone who is going to push me to play better. Not have to play someone where I just go through the motions of stopping my blockstrings so they can mash out their DP, I punish, and repeat.

Online seemed to be so much better in SF4. I don’t know what happened.
Bring back championship please.


I got 11k bp and 4.2k pp.
If you play à scrub just bait him with empty jump = gg.
European kumas overall are à joke.
THE only real good ones i know are kurosaki ita and chocolillo.
Never played superlollo. Maybe we could do some matches.
For THE end of saltyness see my safe aggressive thread


dont get me started on being salty lol.

If i lose in ranked i send hate mail cuz its mostly laggy when i fight ppl or when I have an ultra setup at the wrong time it lags.

Or when I try to kara demon it doesnt come out and thats like omfg i dont mess up offline. you know what im sayin?


idont think ill ever get to 2k in ranked matches
seems impossible for me


u will. I was stuck at 5k for like 3weeks or a month or 2. i dont remember. What i know is when u get to know your matchups you start winning more. Im near B+ now after learning some matchups.

Blanka is kinda free now still some shenanigans but i got the matchup corrected.
Honda: HP annoys me but I beat his Headbut with Fierce DP on reaction everytime and EX DP on his EX HB.
Zangief: I can beat them no problem: just the mashing attack ones i cant for stupid reason is they are unpredictable cuz the mash too many buttons.


Well its the same thing for me lol. I lost a match today against a random rog point blank ultra because i decided to be ballsy and ex srk him since he had 1 hp left. Instead of ex srk going off, normal srk does and his ultra beats it out, I lose.
then he proceeds to call me a scrub lol :frowning: