Online battle connectivity


I’ve been having real problems with most of my online battles with my PS3 version. When I search or player or ranked matches, I often get very bad hits (0-1 bar). I have to repeatedly search for one and have a hard time finding anything in the yellow (I have never seen full green bars).

My PS3 runs wireless through a Buffalo router on Time Warner broadband. My connection speed’s been throttled to 4000-6000kbps (at max, it used to be around 15K kbps). I have Norton 360 installed as well.

I haven’t been able to find any help on Capcom’s knowledge base regarding helpful network settings.

So the main questions here are - and thanks in advance for any replies:

1 - Does it usually take several tries of match searching to find a decent connection?

2 - Can anyone provide or point me to network settings that may help me out?



It’s not your connection. It’s SFIV. The matchmaking just sucks. It takes multiple tries to find someone with a yellow connection, and chances are still low that you will be able to connect to them.


I blame SF4 not having a the player matches like soul calibur 4 and SSFTHDRemix has.


Damn…that’s rough. I suppose there’s a little consolation in the fact that it’s not just me. It’s too bad that when I invite my buddy for a match, I get a poor connection even though we both live in San Diego.


You also want to make sure your PS3 is getting NAT Type 2 or Type 1 under your network status. If you’re type 3, you have port/firewall issues and you will have a lot of trouble connecting to other players.

As others have said in the topic, the match making for Street Fighter 4 is just horrible. Why couldn’t they give us an actual ping rate instead of the kindergarten color bars? Inability to filter matches or create matches and not allow people under a certain speed to join is stupid. I just don’t see how they got it right with Remix, but then totally drop the ball on SF4.


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Yeah I can never actually join a match online. The only way I can ever play is if I create a room and someone joins me.


Yes, it takes me multiple attempts to actually join a game. However, this is mainly due to someone else joining before me (I get the game is full message usually).

Personally, I just stopped looking at the bars. The only thing they seem to do is make the game load faster. Most of my games have 0-1 bars and 95% of them I can’t even feel the lag.


I can, sometimes a 2 bar game won’t be too bad, I’m guessing because it just barely meets the ping ms for a 2 bar category.

But man, I’ve play some single bar and 2 bar games where the input lag was about 2 seconds. Horrible. I refuse to play anyone less than a 3 bar for rankings, player matches I really don’t care.


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