Online BS tatics tier list

There’s a significant absence of irreverent tier lists in this section. Whatever happened to that Mario Kart tier list? Or that McDonald’s dipping sauce tier list? There should probably be a salad dressing tier list somewhere. (Italian is op. Olive oil w/ a little bit of parmesan salt and pepper is a 9-1 matchup to bleu cheese).
Most online BS tactics (that I can recall atm):

  1. Marvel 3… As a whole.
    If you’re new to fighting games this game is not kind. It’s a guessing game online with the inclusion of lag. Cross-ups become the best shit since Kate Upton’s tits in Antarctica. I wish I could delineate more but I’ve put the game day down after day one but my brother plays the game pretty avidly and I watch what happens… Cross-ups get even better, turtling becomes even more effective (especially amongst new players

  2. 3SOE, divekicks, Ken, and a whole lot of bad.
    Played the game in all its online versions but 3SOE is an entirely different thing. I’m fairly sure the mentality when you approach this game is entirely different offline than on. So much of the player vs. player kind of behavior is traded in favor of “there’s no way he’ll see this coming.” When lag is present, that’s damn true and reinforces a behavior that’s counter to what you would expect offline. (Sweep Chun one more god damn time when she has a stocked super)… Anyway, from playing a lot online I’ve boiled down the game to this: divekicks, tick cross-ups, and the absence of okizeme. That and stomp… Maybe it’s the presence of new players trying to get acquainted, maybe it’s just the inconsistency of GGPO.

  3. Halo 3 (racing for the best weapons)
    Though it’s an absolute strategic factor it’s weird when there’s a lack of team communication. A team shouldn’t end up w/ one player carrying the rocket launcher and an energy sword. That’s a waste of resources. That and rockets and Spartan cannon. That cripple your team. If the other team gets that kill, guess what, your team just lost access to two dominant weapon resources. Shotgun + Energy Sword on one team in Snowbound can win a game. So, that greedy mother that snags both the sniper and spartan laser to start a game I ask, why?

4: SSFAE 2013 (Cammy and cross-ups)
I know I’m a scrub at SF4 but yeah… I now understand the complaints behind Cammy strengths and the BS that “vortex,” can be online. Played an Akuma player online the other day… Pretty sure that was his entire gameplan. Pretty much eliminated the idea of “footsies,” and turned the game into “walk towards opponent… Wait til he jumps… Knock him out of the air.” It was a repetitive game because I had learned his stratagem for success after the first loss but the perpetual nature of his play just made me wonder.
*Off-note, why don’t you see more players ultra vs. focus attack attempts?

  1. Pacman Championship Edition (Illegitimate scoreboard)
    Check the BS on the leaderboards… Why would you even want to do that? Highest legitimate score is like 2-mil but there’s some folks posting scores of 10-mil+ for 5 minutes sessions and giving fake replays… WTF?

  2. Tetris Splash (latency)
    Play this shit once… At 3am… Get bodied free everyday…

  3. SimCity 5
    OP DRM is too much to handle.

There’s a lot of bs you can get away with simply because of ping… Dammit ping… There’s always Peng…

WWE online matches…spam running grapples. And just plain out hackers.

Yes, I partake. LOL.

You can post fake replays??? Wtf?


I’d really say Urien, Akuma, and Makoto are top tier online. Every character can abuse at least one trick but for some reason Urien receives this HUGE boost on his everything. Headbutt becomes difficult to punish, dash and throw are even deadlier when you can’t quick-rise, combine that with Headbutt into Aegis. Corner aegis is even harder to block correctly and sometimes his shoulder becomes randomly safe on block.