Online Changes for the sequel


We know there’s going to be a sequel just not when. What are some things you would liked to be changed online wise for the sequel. For me I hope in the next system there will be no stupid complicated wii codes system. I would also like the opportunity for custom stages to be shared online. I had three custom stages that i made that I wished really could be played online and reviewed.
They were called Stairway to Heave, Ashley’s Mansion, and Brawl Hall.
Custom stages should be deeper too.


Yeah no codes, and custom level sharing… all good. SSBB’s online battle system is just so inferior they need to do the basics… Chat either with a usb keyboard or bluetooth headset, heck I’d even buy wiispeak if the game used it. Better matchmaking to find people with a good connection to you. An easy way to make friends with the people you play online. Wide variety custom matches, like maybe 3 vs. one big metal character or whatever… There is just a ton of cool stuff that they should have done. I didn’t really play online much because it was so impersonal it was like playing the computer. When I did play it was against my friend Brad and we had each other on speaker phones while we played…


An online system that actually works.


I second that.


TMI :rolleyes:


Nintendo isn’t Capcom. They don’t listen to their community and aren’t interested in developing a deep fighting game. If they do make another Smash, I just hope its not a complete joke on a semi-competitive level like Brawl was, but I doubt it.


a great insulting middle finger post
I agree with you 100%, Im sticking with Melee!!!
Co Creator Sakurai, said BRAWL will be the Last Smash Bros Game…
which is a good thing, cause we dont need another pathetic so called “Competitive Game” from him…
Melee 4 me & Capcom!!!


No codes and no lag. Also I think you should host a room and have a limit on how many people can join. I prefer 1v1’s.

Also since were on the topic of a sequel, dont make it play like the shithole brawl turned out to be. I think the next game should be based off the Melee system.