Online character

i have a so-so connection and it’s really hard to pull off links online that are easy offline. i’m most afraid of screwing up muscle memory for my offline link timing, which has been pretty good so far. so what characters would you guys suggest for online since my friends obviously aren’t available to play offline all the time?

i’m going to guess grapplers: zangief, thawk, hakan i guess, but are there any non-obvious answers?

Ryu, he dosn’t need Links but he has them.


Honda, Dhalsim, Hawk, Balrog

What? You can win online with the need of C.MP xx Sweep, its easy to do though and its good practice

No that’s impossible, you need xx sweep or you won’t win a single match.

'sim is pretty easy from a purely execution standpoint.

You can win with 1 button if your opponent is shitty enough. That doesn’t really prove anything. And I was thinking more along the lines of short jab shoryu.

Sim is terrible online because you need to be extremely consistent with anti-airs. If latency is too high you can’t anti-air random jump ins and it’s almost impossible to win as sim if you can’t keep people off you.

Rushdown characters are best online because you just rushdown and do your mixup and your opponent can deal with the extra latency while trying to block your mixup.


balrog has important links (upper loops, s.jab -> sweep, but you can go a looooong way without them.

Balrog’s bread and butter is link. Cr. jab XX Cr. jab, cr. short, Headbutt. It’s not super difficult, but still it’s a link. I think playing Balrog without his links would be dangerous.

You can get far without Honda’s links, just learn jab hands and proper spacing so you can kick their legs out with your forward roundhouse and you can do really well.

I remember there was a thread a while back that was saying that Jab, shoryu was a cancel or something, but thats not really important.

Link-wise, there isn’t really any need for them if you have God-like footsie and zoning skills (and the ability to see the future)

the game will not let you cancel from a cancel, so you need to link before the special

for example:

c.lp, c.lp, c.lp xx shoryuken will not come out if you chain all the jabs together. if you link them, the shoryu will come out

I’m headed to training mode to work on my c.MP xx sweeps. They never come out for some reason!