Online connection issues, please help

i love this game but ive yet to get a smooth lag-free game so far. ived put my modem to have the wii on dmz mode and nothing. anyone?? please help!!

Are you using a LAN adapter? A wired connection is absolutely necessary. Is your Wii set with a static IP? If it isn’t, the Wii will use whatever IP the router/modem gives it so it will not always be in the DMZ. On top of those, you may consider using OpenDNS as those servers are often faster than ISP DNS.

This is the first game I’ve played online with the Wii so please excuse my ignorance, but does the LAN adapter really make that much of a difference? My online experience so far using Wi Fi has been mixed. I’ve had more lag free matches then not, but have still had my share of matches that were un-playable. Will using a LAN adapter clear that up?

how do i set a static IP?? im a noob at all this tech stuff, please help!!

Anybody want to make a List of people who own the game and the network adapter so we can get some lag free games going?

I think most people are stating if their connection is wired or not in the friend code sticky.

Go to Wii Options > Wii Settings > Internet > Connection Settings. Scroll through the screens until you see the option of Auto Obtain IP. Choose no and you’ll be prompted to enter an IP. I logged into to my router and found the Wii’s current IP and used that number. Then I forward the proper ports (28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443).

Here’s a visual guide from OpenDNS:

i saw that gamefaqs link before and i just got the dmz thing but dint work. the visual aid seems really easy. but my only question is do i have to do the system update?? my wii is modded and ive read to never update the system. any tips??

and should i make an account with that dnsstore site to do it??

You don’t need an account to use OpenDNS and you won’t need to update your Wii. At the end of the process, the Wii will ask if you want to update. Choose no and your settings will save. I updated to 4.2 using an alternative method and the only difference is that I can use the shop channel. DMZ only works if you have a static IP defined for your Wii. In order to get any of this to work, you’ll need to define a static IP.

tried it and it works a lil better. just a lil lag, but more and enjoyable than before. i just dont want to invest on a lan adapter just for one game. so NICALM, your having lag free games then. perfect games like just playing at home??

Just a F.Y.I

I purchased a wired adapter, set a static IP, used Open DNS, set my MTU value and manually forwarded my ports (no DMZ)

The matches I played after that were lagless. It was as good as offline Vs.

I forwarded the ports you listed, just UDP though. Is TCP even necessary?

-I play domestic games
-have a wired adapter
-have set a static IP for the Wii
-used the DNS servers stated by nilcam
-Forwarded the appropriate ports (28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443)

and Also tried DMZ’ing the Wii , but the result is ALWAYS the same. Intolerable input lag.
i encounter acceptable lag with about 1/5 players (still worse input lag than SF4 by a longshot)

Is there anything else that can be done? i love the gameplay but i cannot stand playing online with this kind of handicap

I’ve heard a ton of people quote the need for an ethernet adapter, but I don’t buy it. Even 802.11b goes up to 11Mb/s, so unless you’re getting a really weak signal, it’s doubtful that that’s the bottleneck in your internet connection. I doubt changing your dns server is going to help either, it’s not like you’re resolving domains left and right during a battle. I think the main things are 1) a fast internet connection 2) correctly forwarded ports. Don’t do any serious downloading while you’re trying to play online, the less internet activity the better. But I suspect for most people it’s a matter of port forwarding. Port forwarding is handled a little differently from router to router, but really make sure this is done correctly or you can’t expect good results. From personal experience, I went from disconnecting every minute or two to now having no lag at all except for when playing other lagged players just by fixing my firewall settings. That’s using wifi 802.11b on a cable connection. DSL users might not get great connections.