Online Dating

:wtf::wow::shake: LOL wow thats some fucked up shit.

worse than ed’s offended page.

What does this thread mean to say? That the OP got burned? Anyone?


i forgot that existed :frowning:

thought it was just a link to an article or some youtube thing. i got trolled.

wow…she looks like a alien

Online dating is EBIL!**

Online dating is a good way to meet semi-attractive women with self-esteem issues who are likely to put out immediately.

Or so I’ve heard.

Disclaimer: Pictures can be misleading, you may end up meeting up with someone who looks like T.Hawk :expressionless:

I thought they were more bitchier and they have to resort to online dating because nobody can deal with them IRL.

Give me my sight back please… why this website exists I don’t even…:bluu:

I went out once with what i thought was a cute blonde girl. Turns out when i got there she had shaved her head. It also turns out she used to be like 230 got a stomach staple and is now skinny…but has HUGE calves.

Anyway there’s alot of tools online. But i met a pretty awesome girl on there once. I’d probably still be with her but i moved out of the country for awhile.

Slightly higher ratio of crazy:normal online, no doubt, but at least you can filter really abhorrent habits out early on, like listening to dance music by choice and being fans of twilight. Tons of people lie about their age as well, went out with two ‘21 year olds’ who turned out to be 17 and 32 respectively, both looked 21 in person anyway, so no real complaints.

Think I’ll look for a foreign sugar-momma if I sign up to one of those again, bit sick of Scottish women my age and their lack of dinero.

My sentiments exactly …why do I feel bad

i’d smash

What? I’d smash that bitch’s head with a sledgehammer…sigh SRK never lets me down…

I fuck her with the lights on

I gurantee you must guys on here would smash her if she had a nice body. They’d just put a lunch bag over her head and call it a day…

Um since this topic is about online dating. You guys should try it seems ok. Ive had a couple of responses but then again i havent hit up much bitches.

Yeah but I don’t want that face on my dick.